Top 10 low cost ways to advertise

Top 10 best and cheapest methods of online advertising

1. Contextual advertising As the name implies, this method of advertising platform promotion is tied to a specific context. At the moment, contextual start advertising is probably one of the most convenient and effective ways of smart advertise business plan, making it possible to get excellent results with a minimum budget. 2. Media (banner) advertising […]

The Emergence Of Content Marketing Platform

What is content marketing? Content marketing is a complex process involving steps like strategizing, content production, content analysis, and result analysis. However simple these steps may sound, they are difficult to execute with the same efficiency even for professionals in a market that is brimming with information, combining content with various distribution options and dealing […]

30 Content Marketing Tools – Marketers Lifeline

List Of Content Marketing Tools

Developing a content marketing strategy is essential to boost your business. Though it’s challenging to formulate a content marketing plan without effective marketing tools. Today, companies are defined by their unique story. Creating billboard advertisements is not enough for consumer-centric market and therefore content helps in crafting a story for your business. Revolutionizing your content […]

Mobile app advertising guide

Advertising in mobile applications – how and why

The main value of in app advertisement is the ability to quickly get new customers and increase conversion, as well as to increase brand awareness of the company advertiser without large financial investments. The number of installed mobile applications is increasing every day. According to mobile platforms statistics, about 25 mobile applications are downloaded and […]

Leaderboard Ads (728*90) – A Brief Guide

Polus Media Leader Board Ads

Leaderboard Ads – A Brief Guide A leaderboard ad is a rectangular and wide advertising space with dimensions of 729*90. This ad is placed on top of a website and is the first thing that a visitor notices. If you want your ad to be seen by the greatest number of visitors, then leaderboard ads […]

Contextual Targeting VS Behavioral Targeting

Contextual VS Behavioral Targeting

What Is Contextual Targeting In simple words, Contextual Targeting is the process of selecting ad placements in Display Networks. The selection is based on keywords, topics, and various other factors. It is advertising done on a website that is according to the page’s content. Automated systems are used to display ads on your website based […]

Static VS Dynamic Retargeting For Business

Static VS Dynamic Retargeting For Business

Retargeting is a powerful marketing strategy that makes your visitors convert into your customers. It works by redirecting customers back to your website after they’ve left by showing them ads of your website afterward. This makes the customer re-think of your website and your products and increases your chances of making the traffic bounce back […]

Best places to advertise online

Best places to advertise online

Everyone is looking for cheap online advertising. Today there are plenty of platforms used for the promotion. Among the most popular ones, there are Instagram, Facebook, and other places to advertise online. However, such resources are expensive. Let’s consider some places, where you can buy ads at a reasonable price: Rent land. Using certain resources, […]

GDPR and Targeted Ads in Programmatic

GDPR and Targeted Ads in Programmatic

On the 25th of May, 2018 a new digital privacy regulation was introduced known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It sums up a wide range of different privacy legislation into one solo set of regulations that will protect users in every possible manner in data privacy. This makes companies to build in new privacy […]

In-App Advertising: An All-Inclusive Guide

In-App Advertising - Ultimate Guide

In-app advertising is an efficient monetizing strategy, in which app developers are paid to communicate advertisements within their mobile application. In addition to driving mobile usage, they promote global media consumption. This makes in-app advertising an important marketing platform for diverse brands and organizations. With key data tracking and user-targeting, this technique allows advertisers to […] Rated 5 / 5 based on 5 reviews.