20 Simple Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

That lucky day when you have finished polishing your app has finally come. You may remember perfectly well all the procedures on Play Market or App Store to introduce your app to the society.

Everyone understands that great incomes will not come in a day or two, but a lot of calm cats get very worried after a week or two.

Your app can be the best in the world, but what is the sense of it if nobody knows about it? Polusmedia offers to stop it and has prepared a list of 20 ways to promote your app.

  1. Create a website about your app. It should be neat and simple, but people will come here to know about updates, fixes and other news.
  2. Start your blog. Launch little investigation to know which words are used when people are searching products related to your area. Use this information in your texts to attract those who don’t know about you yet.
  3. Add social media buttons for your website. Some articles are so nice that people would like to share your information with their audiences, just don’t hesitate to remind them what to do.
  4. Ask experts from the area to make review about you. But, be ready to listen to honest critics.
  5. Adopt advertising on apps. It is a common practice for ads to advertise other ads from related area. Mobile app ads require some money, but it will help you to attract even more clients than you could expect.
  6. Participate in contests. It will allow you to make one more publication about participation and insert some badges in the header. Besides, organizers will also mention you on their website and you have a chance to attract some more users.
  7. Define who you are and create a community of fellow-thinkers. You should clearly state which problems can be solved with your app and invite others who share your ideas.
  8. Give something to your current users. Encourage your audience to tell their families and friends about you by giving something for free in return (i.e. opening some extra paid functions or weapon for a game character) when a new referral user has joined.
  9. Launch a competition or a challenge. Simple tricks like “get professional earphones for free and a repost” are very lively, they will encourage people to drop into your group oftener and other audiences may also get interested.
  10. Ask your surrounding to help you. Your nearest and dearest are not so well-informed about your business as could think, so they can try your app and recommend it to their audiences.
  11. Sell cheaper. People often sell with their feet, and in case you deal with in-app advertising, offer discounts, cashback or some other bonuses in case of purchasing.
  12. Find partners. For example, if your app is about steps counting – find websites where healthy lifestyle is discussed and offer mark your app as a partner. You can be asked for some money for it or to do the same favour on your blog, but in any cases you will have more loyal fans.
  13. Love those who are already with you. Keeping and saving existing members is cheaper and more important than attracting newbies. So, deal with the problems your current users have. Show that you care.
  14. Insert QR-code on your business card. You will need to introduce yourself to business partners and qr-code can redirect a person exactly to a specially created landing page where everything is well-explained.
  15. Collect emails. Inform your audience about all the news you have in your app as well as promo-codes and other useful information.
  16. Use your email signature. Add a link to your website (or special landing page) so that everyone could easy reach you.
  17. Talk to bloggers. Contribute to other websites or blogs, tell what you are special in and so on. Leave a link how to reach you and get a new audience in return. PS: be ready, it can cost you some money.
  18. Implement coupons. There are thousands of special websites where big discounts can be given in case obtaining a coupon – think how it can be applied for your situation.
  19. Answer questions. Various forums like Quora are waiting for your replies and expert opinion – share it with people. A link to your landing page will help people to reach you later.
  20. Publish videos on YouTube. People love videos, here you can publish tutorials how to use your app and offer some other useful content.

Would you like to add anything to the list? Tell us about your secret weapon to attract clients and save them.

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