Best Advertising Strategies

Creating an ad network, you must first decide what to report about – the product or company – so that the potential buyer gives preference to. From the set of available characteristics, it is necessary to choose the most significant advertising strategy for the consumer, the most convincing strategic advertisement. Choosing a strategy in advertising is not an easy task. How to find the optimal, clear, and simple solution? What to focus on? To address these issues, two groups of creative advertising strategies are used.

What is good advertising? The evaluation of good advertising by professionals (for example, agencies), customers, and clients may be different. The final assessment is made by the market. Is it provokes a purchase, attracts attention, stimulates to use the service? Good. Not? Advertising did not work. And if it didn’t work, it doesn’t matter how many professionalism was in people doing it, how big the budget was, how good or conceptual the idea was – these were in vain.

Advertising is a high-profile product. It is a part of mass culture (pop culture). It is designed to assess the mass reaction of the crowd. This is not an art, where post factum assessment, audience preparation, posthumous recognition, and so on can be important. It is here and now, or it does not work. In this regard, advertising is characterized by some categorical nature – a specific feature of the advertisement.

In general, there are some criteria by which one can evaluate how successful advertising services are:

  • The main idea and advertising message are correctly conveyed
  • Advertising is understandable to a wide audience or specifically to the target audience for which it was designed
  • Advertising inspires, stands out among similar advertising messages
  • Does not cause negative reactions
  • Not perceived as informational garbage
  • The product image is not distorted
  • No unnecessary or disturbing presentation created
  • Does not violate the laws of the country in which and for which this advertising product is produced
  • Does not offend the feelings of minorities, as this can cause a wave of condemnation and criticism
  • Does not increase the fatigue by the information about product
  • The principle of advertising is not based only on the basic instincts and their satisfaction
  • The ad product is fine with a sense of humor – people love things that make them laugh
  • It is possible to repeatedly view the advertisement without boredom due to the pleasure received from the idea, its implementation or the visual image
  • It is interesting to recommend advertising for viewing to friends or acquaintances, which may give rise to the effect of viral advertising
  • The result is unique, one commercial or banner is not confused with another
  • Advertising allows achieving the desired advertising goal, that is, increases sales or increases product awareness.

In general, do not forget that the concept of good advertising is largely evaluative. And if it is suitable for a specific target audience, the other audience is not of your interest. This means, for example, an advertising idea that is considered good on the West may be bad on the East. The reaction in the CIS to it may be third, indifferent. If we talk about advertising, it’s about the buyer’s profit, about solving problems of the buyer, so such advertising can attract even people who have never intended to buy this product because they did not know why they needed it specifically. They did not know that it could solve some of their problem.

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