Everyone is looking for cheap online advertising. Today there are plenty of platforms used for the promotion. Among the most popular ones, there are Instagram, Facebook, and other places to advertise online. However, such resources are expensive. Let’s consider some places, where you can buy ads at a reasonable price:

  • Rent land. Using certain resources, it is possible to purchase advert space, rent lists of email addresses or even gain promotion via social media from industry publications. Depending on a definite campaign, the cost can start from $300. Among the effective sites for this purpose, we can mention Syndicateads, Search Engine Journal, The LaughingSquid, etc.
  • Work with real people. In the past, the advertisers had to organize real meetings. Today there are many resources allowing finding people, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. For the organization of a group, it is possible to use Meetup.com. You can either sponsor a local group or buy adverts directly via the resource. The price will be low and depend on many factors.
  • Address to the artists. Those people are good at attracting the audience. However, they are bad at monetizing that audience. As a result, it is a wonderful platform for cooperation. Find celebrities or other influential people on Instagram and try. Of course, it is better to select moderately popular persons. For more effective search, you can apply TrendSpottr.
  • Use Dribbble. Here there are lots of talented designers and people looking for them. Using the resource, it is possible to purchase an advert unit (for instance, to buy banner ads) or to offer sponsorship. The cost may vary from $2,000 to $15,000.
  • Try Radio On the Internet. Podcasts are easy to create but difficult to monetize. That’s why it is a platform with plenty of opportunities for cheap ads. In order to find famous podcasts, you can use Advertisecast.
  • Buy billboards at a discounted price. It is a nice way of cheap banner advertising. The resources such as MilkMoney will offer you the billboards, which are unsold for a day. They are also responsible for printing and installation.

Use the enumerated ways to buy banner ads online at a moderate price and promote your business.

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