5 ways to make money with advertising on your blog

Many would agree that blogging is one of the best ways to educate people. With it, you can share your useful knowledge and experience. However, many people do not even suspect that blogging is also an excellent ad platform opportunity to earn money. Moreover, even some bloggers are not aware of all the ways to profit from their site and they also don’t know how to sell advertising space. In this article, we have decided to correct this situation and tell you about 5 types of blog ads monetization. The article will be useful both for the current website with the most ads bloggers and for those who are just planning to become one.

Ready? Then we start getting acquainted with the online posting ads to make money.

How to make money posting ads online

Advertising blogs – this is perhaps the first thing that revolves in the head of a novice blogger when it comes to monetization. But the question arises: how realistic is making money from advertising? And what you need to do? Answering the first question, it can be said that it is quite possible to earn on advertising. To earn serious money on advertising, your site must generate a lot of traffic, and have a huge audience and high involvement. Do not expect to earn on advertising immediately after creating a blog (otherwise, anyone could do it). So is it worth advertising on the site? We think that this is the choice that you must make. But for the sake of completeness, we will summarize a little in the style of “for” and “against”.

Pros: Easy to install, generates passive income, does not require special skills and works with almost any audience.

Cons: Generates a small profit, requires a lot of traffic, affect the appearance of the site and often cannot be the main source of income.

When to use: your website receives a large amount of traffic, you have other sources of income, are at the stage of developing your product, or want to monetize an existing blog as soon as possible.

If you decide to advertise on your blog, the next step is to choose an advertising network. The leader in this industry is Google Adsense but you can choose any other.


Payment is charged for the number of impressions. For example, a user visiting an advertisement page counts as one impression. In this case, the visitor is not obliged to go to the advertiser’s site.

Pros: No action is required from users.

Cons: Payment under this scheme is small.

When to use: Good for large sites with little involvement. For example, news blogs.


Payment is made for each click made by the user. The cost per click depends on the niche: the higher the competition, the more money.

Pros: One of the most profitable types of advertising.

Cons: Advertisements must be relevant to your blog topic. Otherwise, you have to wait for clicks.

When to use: On blogs with a profitable and highly competitive topic.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is located in sidebars, header and on certain pages. It can work both on the PPM system and the PPC.

Pros: The main and profitable type of advertising.

Cons: Can greatly degrade the appearance of the site, depending on the advertising shown.

When to use: If you can sort the displayed ads.

RSS advertising

Posted in the RSS feed blog.

Pros: A great way to earn money on your RSS feed.

Cons: It may not be effective enough due to the fall in popularity of RSS feeds.

When to use: You have a large number of RSS subscribers.

Podcast ads

When running your own podcasts, you can include an advertisement in an audio recording, as they do on radio stations.

Pros: Excellent opportunity to earn money on your podcasts.

Cons: You must have a large and regular base of listeners for your podcasts.

When to use: the same occasion as said on a con.

Top 10 Uber Demographics You Need To Know Before 2020

Launched in 2009, Uber has emerged to be one of the biggest transportation services in the world. Safe and affordable car booking for transportation, what earlier seemed to be a highly dependent process, is now a seamless and safer process and the credit goes to Uber. The ridesharing app allows users to book a private or shared car with just a few taps. 

If you want to know more, read our top 10 Uber demographics and know the statistics about the company that has redefined the ridesharing market for good.

1.      Uber has 75 Million riders and 3.9 Million drivers globally

According to Uber website, Uber has around 75 Million riders and 3.9 Million drivers running globally and helping the company achieve its targets and fulfill its vision of transportation simplification.

2.      25% US Citizens use Uber at least once in a month

According to the survey results conducted by Statistica, 25% of the ridesharing service users in the US agree that they use Uber at least once per month. In fact, according to yourstory.com, 65% of users agree that they would go for the Uber app in a hurry.

3.      Uber has 91 million active users

Uber has 91 million active consumers worldwide, making it one of the biggest target audiences any ridesharing app would have. 

4.      Uber has completed 10 Billion trips globally

Statistics show that Uber has completed 10 billion rides successfully worldwide, which is far greater than that of any other ridesharing app currently in place.

5.      Uber is currently operating in 63 countries

As of December 2018, Uber is fairly popular around the globe because of the in-app features it provides. The ease of use and attractive user interface has extended the global usage of Uber across 63 countries and 700+ cities. 

6.      Uber drivers complete 14 million trips each day

Although drivers are not fairly satisfied with the company in terms of earnings, their performance statistics are impressive. Uber completes a massive 14 million trips every day which is huge.

7.      An average Uber driver earns around USD 364 per month

Even though drivers at Uber are mostly employed people working part-time to earn extra gigs, statistics found that the average earning of an Uber driver is $364 per month which is lower as compared to other economy sharing apps like Airbnb and TaskRabbit.

8.      41.8 million US citizens used Uber in 2018

As of March 2018, a total of 41.8 million users in the US used Uber. Although Lyft also has a high user base and target audience in the US, however, Uber surpassed Lyft which didn’t go beyond 32 million in terms of the number of users.

9.      Uber drivers earned $600 million as a tip in the first year

Tipping an Uber driver is not mandatory but is appreciated. The first feature year for Uber bought some interesting statistics along. According to CNET, Uber hit the year mark with drivers getting $600 million in the very first year.    

10.  Uber net annual revenue in Q2 2019 was $3.17 Billion

 According to CNBC, the annual revenue of Uber in Q2 2019 was turned out to be $3.17 billion. However, it was expected to be $3.36 billion, still Uber is ready to fill up the gap.

Final Word

Taxi drivers across the globe may have profound memories of the world before Uber, however, for people like us, the world before Uber seems like dark ages. The days when people used to watch how taxi meters would climb up or tackle relatively cheaper but potentially dangerous alternative modes of transport are now gone. Since there are competitors like Lyft in the US and Didi Chuxing in Asia that have made up a lot of ground, a strong battleground is foreseen by many experts when all these ridesharing apps come into play.

How small agencies can attract big clients

There was a time when big enterprises used to work with giant agencies only. But lately, the trend has been changing. Currently, there are many great examples of small companies with less than 50 employees getting a great project and are partnering up with bigger organizations.

This trend is also predicted to continue in the future. This is a piece of huge news for all small agencies because they have more chances of getting more work and work with well-known names in the industry.

If you are one of those agencies which are looking forward to attracting bigger clients, here is the guideline to do that.

Master at something

bigger agencies have a lot of experience, they often lack the ability to conduct in-depth research for a particular product or industry. In today’s world, expertise has more value than being a know-it-all agency. So you need to figure out what your agency does the best and keep on doing it. For example, you can become a content marketing agency and help clients generate more valuable and creative content.

Believe in your agency

enterprises are looking for creative agencies that are able to think out of the box and solve their problems creatively. They are not looking for corporations with bureaucratic culture. Small agencies stand out of the crowd due to their abilities to introduce new perspectives, approaches, and procedures. Your agency might have these capabilities as well.

Don’t worry about small beginnings.

be afraid to pitch a small project. Do it and perform the project in the best possible way. This way you will be able to win more creds. Large organizations need agencies who are quick to respond to their needs and solve their problems. Bigger agencies cannot respond on time as quick as small agencies can so it works as their strength to get more projects.

Make sure you are geographically flexible.

you want to be known for your expertise, make sure you are geographically flexible. Geography should not limit your opportunities. A remote working relationship is a new trend that reduces the need for brands to be close to their respective agencies. All you need to have are good team project tools and your team will have no issues in collaborating with your clients, no matter where they are located.

Increase traffic

Agencies can improve their traffic by sharing and creating content on social media. You can also pay for ad campaigns on social media to build more brand awareness. It’s very easy to increase the traffic, you just need to know some techniques. Start with research. Decide who you want to serve i.e. your target market. Once you are done with that, decide how can you reach out to them in the best possible way.

Determine your marketing strategy

marketing approach depends upon the type of customers you are targeting. You can try one of these approaches

  1. Develop a good website
  2. Blogging
  3. Email marketing
  4. Flyers/ billboards
  5. Newspapers/ magazines

Benefit from word of mouth marketing

Satisfied customers can be a great way of sales generation for you if you know how to benefit from them. Give them discounts and more incentives every time they tell their friends or partners about your agency. Look for more unique ways to reward your most loyal customers. For example, you can host a customer appreciation event or simply give a shoutout on your social media page.

When you get a client, keep him

Donot forget the importance of maintaining your customer base. And it’s not a very difficult thing to do. More revenue can be generated by upselling an excited, satisfied customer. For which, you can follow these guidelines.

  1. Within a week of sale, contact your customer.
  2. Conduct an online survey related to your customer service asking how can your agency improve the service.
  3. Ask your clients to give a review about their experience working with you on sites like LinkedIn, Yelp, Google+ local, and not to forget, your own website.
  4. Send email newsletters monthly if not weekly.
  5. Greet them on special occasions like birthdays, holidays or any other festivals.
  6. Ask for their valuable feedback on Facebook and Twitter.

Focus on a certain audience

You can’t just sell your services to everyone. That’s an important lesson to keep in mind while deciding your target audience. What are you offering? Who will be most interested in your services? Which type of enterprises will partner up with you? You need to answer all these questions. As stated above, go through in-depth research and create a mental sketch of your ideal clients. You need you to figure out what would be their needs? What would be their problems? After that, you have to decide how you can be the best one to solve their problems and create the best solution to their needs?

visualization is very important in the planning stage because you fail to plan, which means your plan is to fail.

Best Tech Website and blogs to keep your self updated

Top Tech website to keep yourself update with tech news, gadget, apps, software, information and more.

At this age, technology is increasing with the 10x speed. Gadget, items, mobile phones, apps, and advanced technology is developing or creating every day. To keep you update we have the gathered the best blog to keep yourself updated with technology.

By reading the blog post, watching their videos or audio podcasts you can stay updated any time and anywhere. The best technology blogs to follow up for daily coverage.

Top-ranked technology websites and blogs

Polus Media mostly doesn’t review the websites and blogs but on the demand on our readers, we are sharing the best technology blogs and websites.

Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch for technology, startups, venture capital funding,
Tech Crunch for technology, startups, venture capital funding,

TechCrunch is the most credible source for providing technical information. TechCrunch especially providing the rich source of information business related to tech, technology news, analysis of emerging trends in tech, and startup and products.

It’s one of the most famous blogs on the internet with millions of users. TechCrunch is a leading technology news information company with 10Million+ followers on Twitter and 430K subscribers on youtube.

Tech Radar


The most popular technology related to gadgets and buying guides. TechRadar website is providing the user based information related to “How to, gadgets, electronics, and buying guides”.

TechRadar is the part of Future US Inc, and an international media group and leading digital publisher. TechRadar has 210K Followers on Twitter and 380K subscribers on youtube.

The Verge

 The Verge for news items, long-form feature stories, podcasts, product reviews, and guidebooks.
The Verge of news items, long-form feature stories, podcasts, product reviews, and guidebooks.

The Verge is the part of VOX MEDIA. Providing the best news related to tech. Tech lovers can enjoy articles related to news, reviews, product guides, stories, and podcasts.

The Verge has 2.7 Million subscribers on youtube. With 2.58 Million Followers on Twitter.


Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company.
Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company.

With Million of active users. Mashable is the leading blog network. Providing tech and entertainment information in video and article. Mashable rank 813 on Alexa.

Mashable has 9.82 Million followers on Twitter. 843K Mashable Youtube subscribers.


Slashdot for the news stories on science, technology, and politics.
Slashdot for the news stories on science, technology, and politics.

Slashdot is the source for nerds. As they have the tag line by themself too. Slashdot is a social network website. It provides the best source that matters.

You can find features news stories on science, technology, and a lot more like politics that are submitted and evaluated by site users and editors.

Slashdot has 240K twitter followers and growing rapidly.

Tech Dirt

Tech Dirt technology's legal challenges and related business and economic policy issues
Tech Dirt technology’s legal challenges and related business and economic policy issues

Techdirt is a platform for tech industries and for all involved in technology legal issues. Techdirt submits posts related to tech stories, changes in government policies regarding technology and economical framework.

Techdirt has 445K followers on twitter.

The Inquirer

TheINQUIRER publishes daily news, indepth technology articles, reviews on the latest gadgets and devices.
TheINQUIRER publishes daily news, in-depth technology articles, reviews on the latest gadgets and devices.png

TheINQUIRER publishes trends, daily news, latest gadgets reviews and devices, great in-depth articles regarding tech. It’s a British technology tabloid website.

From the ML, AI, Internet of Things, Softwares, gadgets review you can find everything on The Inquirer.

Phys Org

Physics, Space Science, Earth Science, Health and Medicine.

Phys.org provides the Science news, Technology news. Physics, Space, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Math, Electronics, Nanotechnology, Materials, Computers, Health, Earth Science.

With 742K Twitter followers and 115K Tweets.


Softpedia related to Windows, Mac, Linux, Games, Drivers, Mobile, Webscripts, and News,

Softpedia is an 18-year-old tech-based website. Ranked 1880 on Alexa globally. Softpedia.com is a software and tech-news website. It has, reviews and hosts downloadable software, has dedicated sections for all types of operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux.

Softpedia contains more than one screenshots of each downloadable software or application, often showing its menus to help illustrate its features. Softpedia’s reviews are personally written by its staff reviewers.


Recode Silicon Valley Tech news website
Recode Silicon Valley Tech news website

Recode is a technology journalism website based on Silicon Valley. Recode is keeping you updated from the technology and how the world is changing.

Recode is part of VOX media.

Anand Tech

ANAND TECH online computer hardware magazine
ANAND TECH online computer hardware magazine

ANANDTECH is a 14-year-old hardware technology magazine. ANAND TECH indexes, tech news, and reviews of PC components, smartphones, tablets, pre-built desktops, notebooks, Macs and enterprise/cloud computing technologies.

ANANDTECH has more than 440K Twitter followers. For ANANDTECH video reviews click here for youtube channel.


Wired.com provides the latest trend and gear guides
Wired.com provides the latest trend and gear guides

Wired.com is an American magazine, published in print and online editions, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics. Based on SanFransisco.


Gizmodo is a design, technology, science and science fiction website.
Gizmodo is a design, technology, science and science fiction website.

Gizmodo is another leading source of design, technology, science, science fiction, and gadgets review website. The best blog network for gadgets lovers.

Gizmodo has around 90K youtube subscribers and 3.1 Million Twitter followers.

Business Insider

Business News Website

Business Insider is a fast-growing and leading business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other technology industries. Business insider is the only American company providing its users with financial news.

With the great focus on inside tech news and financial news. 2.9Millions subscribers youtube and 2.71 Million followers on Twitter.


Engadget the multi language blog networks covering the gadgets and electronics
Engadget the multi-language blog networks covering the gadgets and electronics

Engadget is home for technology news and product reviews. Multilanguage technology blog network with daily reports and news of gadgets and consumer electronics.

Best Free Traffic Exchange Website

Most Common and Free Traffic Exchange Platforms

You may not be getting visitors on your website, so you have come to an idea of traffic exchange. We are going to discuss the best free website for traffic exchange, and are they safe or not? Traffic Exchange can help you increase Alexa ranking but not the Google SERP ranking.

What is Traffic Exchange Program?

Traffic Exchange is giving one view for another view. A platform that provides traffic to the webmaster in exchange for traffic from their site in know as a traffic exchange. It’s just like the auto surf program, but here you can rotate and perform manual actions.

How Traffic Exchange Works?

The traffic exchange concept is simple; You want your website to visit from other people? You have to do the same.

In Traffic exchange, you have to download a browser of any traffic exchange platform which will surf the website in the background is called the surf system.

They have a certain surfing ratio; you have to surf a website multiple so you can get one surf. You can upgrade the membership in order to get the same amount of surfing ratio or can get the views for free.

Sometimes you have to signup and place a code on your website header. Which shows traffic exchange website ads which may be a popup, leader boards or any other ad format.

Almost all such traffic exchange programs are free, but they also have membership programs which some extra and additional features.

Is Traffic Exchange Safe for Adsense?

Traffic exchange may lead you to fake impressions, invalid clicks, and views. Google can easily track your traffic source. As the traffic exchange is against the Adsense Policies so it may lead you to account disabled. You can read more about the policies by clicking here.

Best Traffic Exchange Websites

Let’s discover the best and most popular traffic exchange and which may work for you or not.

1- EasyHits4U

With million+ active users EasyHit4U is a traffic exchange platform. With 1:1 you can get as many viewers as you want.

easyhit4u Traffic Exchange Website


  • Get as many traffic to your website or ads or anything present online
  • With 1:1, you visit website and you will get a visit back
  • If you have no time to visit a website, you can get the membership program.
  • Domain filtering, Geo targetting


  • Low bounce rate can damage your SEO ranking.
  • No Forum Support for customers

Website: easyhits4u.com

2- Hitleap

Hitleap has its name in the market. Hitleap has the most active users but the worst customer support. All you have to do is download their software and start the auto surf. They are providing the lowest ratio 0.7 which means you have to visit a website 10 times and you will get 7 views.

HitLeap Traffic Exchange Website

HitLeap Traffic Exchange Website


  • Lower Bounce Rate
  • Geotargetting


  • 80% Fake Traffic
  • Worst Customer support

Website: Hitleap.com

3- 10KHits

The best traffic exchange service providers. The site offers a lot “Simple Dashboard, A lot of customization”. Choose the type of traffic you need ( organic, social, anonymous, direct or referral). Autosurf software and a lot more to hide make your site traffic look organic. It helps you to boost your Alexa ranking.

10KHits Best Alexa Traffic Ranking Booster

10KHits Best Alexa Traffic Ranking Booster


  • Real Human Visitors
  • Easy Software
  • Best Customer Support


  • It is not entirely free

Website: 10khits.com

4- AutoWebSurf

With simple methods like others. View other sites and get credit which you can reuse to get traffic. It’s free platform for traffic exchange.



  • High-quality traffic
  • Autor Surfing
  • Low Bounce Rate


  • High Membership Price
  • The low traffic exchange ratio

Website: Autowebsurf.com

5- Traffic Send

An ideal way to exchange traffic. An easy to use traffic exchange platform with so many advantages.

Traffic Send No 1 Exchange Website

Traffic Send No 1 Exchange Website


  • Auto Surf
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer support
  • Instant traffic exchange


  • Not Entirely Free

Website: Trafficsend.com

If you know any other traffic software or platform mention below in the comment. Polus Media will review it for you only. Your suggestion is important to us.

Will QR code work in 2020?

QR code has been around since ages and its applications have been growing drastically especially after 2017 when Apple announced iOS 11 update allowing users to scan the QR code right from the mobile camera.

This game-changing feature was a pure genius and it took the applications of QR code to the next level by adding a level of ease to the user. Today, the latest Android phones also have a QR scanner available as a native feature. But is QR code going to die in 2020?

Well, the answer is Absolutely Not! Though there are various alternatives now available for QR code, QR code and scanning are not going to get anywhere in the upcoming years and we’ll be covering the reasons why is it so later in the article. Some of the most popular alternatives of QR code are NFC’s, Beacons, and Geofencing.

Applications of QR codes

There are many applications of QR code. The most popular ones include initiating customer service, downloading apps, network access without a password, making online payments and using eCommerce. According to a study, more than 11 million households in the US will be using QR codes by 2020.

Another application of QR code is to improve customer’s post-purchase experience by facilitating them to reorder the product using QR code or link to details about the product via QR code (including video tutorials on how to use the product the right way).

QR codes can also be used to generate massive leads by allowing users and customers to sign up for loyalty programs and subscribe to newsletters and then collecting their valuable feedback on how to make the product more improved.

Is QR code staying in 2020?

The short answer is: 100% yes! And here are the reasons why:

Scanning A QR Code is easy

The increased consumer awareness and ease of use with mobile devices have made QR code applications popular in the market. Famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have all incorporated QR code scanning with their apps so user ls can follow accounts by simply scanning the code.

QR Codes at retail outlets promote experiential shopping experience 

QR codes are widely being used by different brands at their retail outlets to provide consumers with an experiential shopping experience.

House of Innovation 000, a flagship store of Nike, uses QR codes at the outlet to facilitate Nike Plus Members having Nike mobile app installed on their devices and give them an experience that is truly unmatched. The app rewards members on entering the store and it is a great way to earn customer loyalty.

The store also has a ‘Scan To Try’ feature available that allows consumers to scan mannequins and have store assistants bring the right color and size to them in the fitting rooms. For customers who do not have the Nike app installed on their devices, there are QR codes available on the walls of the store for them to scan and download the Nike application.

Nike Instant Checkout is a feature that uses QR codes to allow checking out from their mobile phones and avoid long waiting lines.

QR codes are Important on Packaging

QR codes are seen to be an important part of packaging (especially food items) in 2020. Study shows that almost one-third of a customer’s decision making is derived from the packaging of the product.

Creating a packaging that attracts everyone from the target audience irrespective of the age group is a challenging task and QR codes are the answer to this struggle.

QR codes allow users to scan and see the details of the product including expiry date and details about ingredients that customers can have a look at before making a purchase. Lately, it has become a very famous practice for manufacturers to put QR codes on the packaging of their products.

2020 sees QR codes to be Colorful

Instead of the conventional black and white style, 2020 will bring QR codes that are more attractive, colorful and more intriguing. QR codes are now able to be customized with different colors, logos, and shapes to grab the customer’s attention. It allows customers to see what they are scanning for beforehand.

Apart from the look and feel, QR codes can be dynamic as well. Businesses nowadays don’t have to change the QR code on promotions or campaigns. Whenever a new deal or discount is introduced. Static QR codes have paved the way for dynamic QR codes and have taken advertising and marketing campaigns to a whole new level.

QR codes have given new meaning to conventional marketing

Digital marketing has boomed drastically due to one very important reason: to measure and keep track of performance and statistical data. This tracking has always been one of the most desirable wants of marketers but unfortunately, with traditional marketing, it was just a dream of marketers to know where the campaign is going and how future campaigns must be designed in order to gain the maximum benefit from the marketing campaigns.

With the help of QR codes, marketers can keep track of the number of QR scans and gather details of important statistics and get insights into important details, hidden risks and potential reasons for the failure of the marketing campaign. In short, QR codes can be used at the store level to display the latest deals and promotions and when used at the product level, it can be used to make products more interactive and interesting.

Best Advertising Strategies

Creating an ad network, you must first decide what to report about – the product or company – so that the potential buyer gives preference to. From the set of available characteristics, it is necessary to choose the most significant advertising strategy for the consumer, the most convincing strategic advertisement. Choosing a strategy in advertising is not an easy task. How to find the optimal, clear, and simple solution? What to focus on? To address these issues, two groups of creative advertising strategies are used.

What is good advertising? The evaluation of good advertising by professionals (for example, agencies), customers, and clients may be different. The final assessment is made by the market. Is it provokes a purchase, attracts attention, stimulates to use the service? Good. Not? Advertising did not work. And if it didn’t work, it doesn’t matter how many professionalism was in people doing it, how big the budget was, how good or conceptual the idea was – these were in vain.

Advertising is a high-profile product. It is a part of mass culture (pop culture). It is designed to assess the mass reaction of the crowd. This is not an art, where post factum assessment, audience preparation, posthumous recognition, and so on can be important. It is here and now, or it does not work. In this regard, advertising is characterized by some categorical nature – a specific feature of the advertisement.

In general, there are some criteria by which one can evaluate how successful advertising services are:

  • The main idea and advertising message are correctly conveyed
  • Advertising is understandable to a wide audience or specifically to the target audience for which it was designed
  • Advertising inspires, stands out among similar advertising messages
  • Does not cause negative reactions
  • Not perceived as informational garbage
  • The product image is not distorted
  • No unnecessary or disturbing presentation created
  • Does not violate the laws of the country in which and for which this advertising product is produced
  • Does not offend the feelings of minorities, as this can cause a wave of condemnation and criticism
  • Does not increase the fatigue by the information about product
  • The principle of advertising is not based only on the basic instincts and their satisfaction
  • The ad product is fine with a sense of humor – people love things that make them laugh
  • It is possible to repeatedly view the advertisement without boredom due to the pleasure received from the idea, its implementation or the visual image
  • It is interesting to recommend advertising for viewing to friends or acquaintances, which may give rise to the effect of viral advertising
  • The result is unique, one commercial or banner is not confused with another
  • Advertising allows achieving the desired advertising goal, that is, increases sales or increases product awareness.

In general, do not forget that the concept of good advertising is largely evaluative. And if it is suitable for a specific target audience, the other audience is not of your interest. This means, for example, an advertising idea that is considered good on the West may be bad on the East. The reaction in the CIS to it may be third, indifferent. If we talk about advertising, it’s about the buyer’s profit, about solving problems of the buyer, so such advertising can attract even people who have never intended to buy this product because they did not know why they needed it specifically. They did not know that it could solve some of their problem.

Most Effective Ways To Sell AdSpace

As a blog or website owner, you may be confused about choosing the best way to sell ad space on your website. Website advertising space can be the mainstream for generating a handsome amount of steady income.

Digital Publishers are earning thousands of dollars $$ from their blogs. Selling the ads space on your website is the easiest way to monetize and make money online. 

Selling and Buying the ad spaces is beneficial for both the advertiser and publishers. 

But keep the thing in mind that advertisers are always drawn to high traffic blogs or websites, but there are plenty of websites that are making good referral income.

So keeping the advertisers and publishers both in mind, we will discuss the most effective methods to sell the advertising space of your website in this article.

  • Advertisers

Advertisers offer you to promote their ads on your ad space on niche related website, so they can drive targeted traffic to their landing page.

  • Publishers

As a publisher or webmaster, you have full control to accept or reject the advertising. You can choose the best ads which suit your audience.

Advertisers Requirements

Let’s start with the guidelines for publishers before selling the advertising spaces. It’s necessary for all digital publishers to fulfill the requirements.


For monetizing the advertising space on your website you need to be the website or blog owner.


Content is the king. Quality content is the most important factor. Content creates trust and helps to generate the leads and in driving the users.

 All advertisers and ad exchanges prefer the niche-based (Cricket, Boarding, Plumbing, Washing Machines Review) website and content. Content must be quality and adding value to visitors. 

The website must fulfill the basic number of content. Minimum 30 to 40 pages with the niche-based content.

The following are the categories that are prohibited and can be the reason for the rejection of ad space.

Gambling, hate speech, and explicit violence, pornography, weapons and ammunition, illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco, gambling and online casinos, spyware, malware or hacking software, cracks.


Not even a single advertiser wants to show their ads on a website with zero or less traffic. It’s like hitting into the stone. Your website must have some worth or name in the search engines or in social networks. 

It needs to be six months old at least. With a minimum of 300 traffic a day you can apply for networks like Google Adsense. Traffic needs to be from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or from Europe countries.


Website Design “the first impression is the last”. Your website needs to be clean, professional and easy to navigate for the users. Make sure to make your webpages responsive so they can be easily navigated. 

Try to code clean if you want to do some advertising on your web. Make sure your advertisements don’t overwrite the content and load fast so the user doesn’t bounce back because of slow loading speed.


Make things easy to find and to reach you whenever it’s necessary. The information on you must be easy for the public.

What you have to offer?

Clicky is a free web analytics tool that provide minute to minute real-time analytics, monitor, and analyze your website. Areas to look out for are:

  • Where my visitors got engaged? What do they look at my web pages?
  • What are the most popular pages?
  • Which page got the longest stay time?
  • What is the source of my traffic? 
  • What are my ranking keywords?

Develop the demographics interest of your audience and figure which type of advertiser pays you more for this type of audience.

Now we have figured out the needs of the advertiser and our type of traffic, it’s time to bump into the most interesting and affecting advertising solutions for your website.

1- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best performance-based marketing. The fastest and easiest way to earn money through your blog post by selling or referring a product to the end-user.

In Affiliate, marketing retailer pays you whenever an action is performed. 

How does Affiliate marketing works?

It’s easy to understand the process of affiliate marketing.

RECOMMENDATION: Your recommendations mean a lot. You simply recommend a service to your blog readers or followers.

AFFILIATE LINKS: Placing the affiliate links within the post so your readers and followers can do purchase from it.

COMMISSION: You get paid a specific amount of commission when your followers or visitors purchase things from it.

How do you become an affiliate marketer?

It’s much easier to start an affiliate blog or become a marketer. Affiliate marketing can turn your blog   money-making machine which works on its own, once the following things are done:

  1. Find a niche.
  2. Research different affiliate programs and products.
  3. Build a niche site.
  4. Produce quality content.
  5. Do SEO and build an audience
  6. Promote your affiliate product (write reviews).
  7. Repeat steps 4–6 

Which affiliate program is the best?

Every program has it’s own commission rates. Here are some of the best and most recommended affiliate programs from Polus Media;

  • FlexOffers.
  • Clickbank.
  • ShareASale.
  • JVZoo.
  • CJ Affiliate.
  • Rakuten Linkshare.
  • Amazon.com Associates, the Amazon Affiliate Program, of course!

What are the affiliate payment terms?

Every affiliate platform using it’s own payments term;

Pay Per Click (PPC): You make money through PPC when visitors click your affiliate link and redirected to the advertiser’s website.

Pay Per Sale (PPS): You only get paid when a user makes a purchase through your affiliate links.

Pay Per Lead (PPL): You make money online when a user fills a form with their, name, phone number, DOB, email and address e.t.c

 Learn more about its pricing models: CPC, PPC, CPM, CPI, CPA, CPL: Which Online Ad Models Are Best?

2- Programmatic Advertising

Why wait for any media buyer or any affiliate program? When you can make money from now. Programmatic advertising (Display Advertising) is the best way to sell your ads. Whether you are a blogger or respectable publisher you can start making money from the automation of selling and buying ads process of programmatic advertisement.

Programmatic Advertising will match your targeted audience with its advance ML and AI algorithms. Discover more about the future of advertising and ad selling by clicking here.

How to start with programmatic advertising?

Getting started with it is not rocket science, it’s much easier than any other platform. Start with a signup supply-side platform or publisher page. Once you have done that..! 

There’s a lot of opportunities ahead. It’s up to you whether you choose Real-Time Bidding or direct one to one relationship with the advertiser for the fix rates.

You May be interested in what is DSP and SSP.

Publishers are provided by the ad inventory and connected to the demand side. Where he can choose what they like. 

Display advertising is a fully automated process and easy, to begin with. Finding the buyer, price negotiating targeted ads are done by machines. 

Choose the minimum or the maximum number of ads you want to show on your website, without any restriction. With the various types of advertising formats like Video, images, banners you can easily maximize your mainstream income.

3- Make Things Automatic

If you don’t want to get hustle or want to find a buyer to pay you for display advertising or negotiating the price by yourself. Or you don’t know what to do or where to get things started, then the good thing to try first is the automatic the whole process.

Try services like Google Adsense, AdSella e.t.c to monetize your advertisement space. Simply signup through them if your website qualifies the requirements we have to find out above; you will receive the email of their advertising program.

How to Advertising through it?

AdUnits: Create an ad unit (Text, image, video) of the recommended size.

AdSpace: Paste the ad code on the space where you want to show ads.

Earning: You will be paid for impressions and clicks. 

Monitor the fraud click or else you will end up banning your website.

4- Finding The Advertiser

Now you are finally thinking about making a big amount of money by excluding the middle persons (AD Exchangers, Affiliate Programs). This is the most effective way to get your income into a streamline. 

But it’s a hectic to find an advertiser, and it takes a lot of effort and time. This comes handy when selling your advertisement space directly to the brand and company. 

Promoting an event, product or website on your website directly can help you get 100% of advertising revenue. The easy thing on direct selling your ads space that you are free to make a decision. How much you need to charge from the ads space buyer, desired payment methods e.t.c

Remember, managing your own ad space will get you the biggest slice of the profit, but it also requires the most work.

  • Limit your offering: 

Advertisers don’t want to see the rapid “Advertise here” boxes your website. Start from a single slot and increase up to 3 ads slots as you start gaining more traffic. 

  • Spread the word:

Spread the news via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook that you have advertising slot on your website

  • Collaboration

Always be smart: Create your mini-network channel of the same niche website if your site’s traffic is low. Tell the media buyer to advertise on multiple websites at the fixed price, it may gain the attention.

  • Start a promotion. 

At the start, you may have to give away your ad spots for nothing or worth next to nothing. So start with promotional offers to get advertisers indoor. If you succeed to deliver high-quality traffic, then the advertisers will be willing to pay the when promotional offers run out. Try to track the traffic because it will be helpful when you negotiate the advertising terms.

Where Do I Start?

Whenever it comes to choose the ad slot, it’s always been difficult to choose which one is good for you. We have discussed and covered the most effective and major methods to sell ad spaces online. As each model has it’s pros and cons. Before advertising your objectives must be clear about:

  • Do you want to advertise niche related products, event or what?
  • Do you want to advertise only on a specific page or specific portion on all websites?
  • Do you want to maximize the revenues with Programmatic, Affiliate or Direct Selling?
  • Do you want to start a partner program with a brand?

Answer these questions carefully and it will lead you to right decision. If you have a question comment below Polus Media will be glad to clear your confusion. Feel free to contact us if you want to increase your revenue with programmatic ads selling.

Free advertising ideas for your business

How wonderful it would be if each advertising platform article published on the site instantly brought traffic and was naturally replicated on the Internet! However, in modern business-to-business advertising conditions, it is necessary to make serious efforts for the distribution and promotion of materials. Otherwise, the local advertising examples content will not work. The Internet is saturated with services advertising information; the competition is very high. To draw attention to the promoted content, it is necessary to use all available means and catch really good advertising business ideas.

Use social networks

SMM is not a new advertisement ideas direction of Internet marketing; there are also well-known brands and private entrepreneurs in their groups in social networks. Successful SMM allows solving top-priority tasks:

  • the attraction of the target audience
  • capturing the attention of potential subscribers and customers
  • advertising launch
  • marketing strategy implementation
  • communication with subscribers
  • distribution of branded content.

A business can no longer do without communities in social networks. Networks offer excellent conditions for brand promotion – they allow keeping and tracking statistics, launching advertising campaigns, planning and publishing posts at a specified time. How SMM helps promote content is understandable but how can you make it more effective in terms of disseminating information?

Publish regularly

Scheduled posting is an elementary and inexpensive way to make content work. Central Asia is getting used to receiving news, articles, and useful materials at a certain time and already knows when to expect publications. Create high-quality materials so that people want to share them. Place them in all networks where you are registered.

Secure posts

Use the pinned post to draw as much attention as possible to an important post. Change the pinned entry when you need it.

Republish articles

Some believe that repeating one post several times is not worth it. However, you can try to publish it at different sites, with different connections, to change the time of placement. This approach, by the way, will help understand what time for posting in different networks is optimal, where the material gets more coverage, where the reviews are better.

Communicate in other communities

You can carry your ideas to the masses not only from the page of your group. Diversity and a large number of groups on different subjects are easy to find on Facebook. You shouldn’t communicate with your direct competitors, it’s easy to get a ban and tons of negatives for it. It is smarter and more efficient to find groups on related topics. And to enter into dialogues there, comment on posts, showing the expert level. When it is appropriate and unobtrusive, you can recommend your materials and leave links to them. If the information helps subscribers solve their problems, then your target audience will be replenished.

Promote content more efficiently

To make a promoted content to work more efficiently, you need to use not only the group in social networks. A company is, after all, an abstract concept and when communication is conducted by a specific person, trust in information increases. Information about the content should be broadcasted from the personal pages of the director, company experts, managers, provided that they have an active subscriber base. This is a great way to increase reach, especially if the content is useful and served unobtrusively.

Mention experts and bloggers

You can make high-quality material and refer in it to a person known and authoritative in a particular area. You can try to develop their thoughts or enter into a constructive discussion. The mere mention of a famous person will help increase traffic. But it is better to contact a blogger or expert directly, ask to share or leave an announcement to such a post. The leader of the opinion may not agree. Chances increase if your site also has weight and authority. Then the offer will be advantageous for both parties.

There are more methods and ideas for promoting content than we have listed. Here are only the most obvious. It will be cool if you discover or develop new ways. Let us remind once again that neither content marketing nor SEO-promotion gives a lightning-fast effect. The results will be if this work is carried out constantly and in a professional manner.

What is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct Response Marketing is not like direct marketing. Direct Response Marketing involves the user to perform or response to specific actions immediately like “BuyNow, Subscribe to Newsletter, Read More” in the advertiser campaign of office.

In Direct Response Marketing it takes no time to measure the performance of the campaign at the right time. 

Direct response marketing can be in any found in “print marketing (magazines, newspapers, brochures, e.t.c)” websites, search engines, radio spots, and many other online ads (social media, video marketing e.t.c).

Many Marketing strategies are planned to promote the brand and for making it more engaging or interactive to people.

But sometimes we need something which brings more sales and creates some high ROI, 

And exactly where the direct response marketing makes it space.

A targeted type of marketing for the specific type of people who intends to be converting potential customers to drive measurable and more results.

Such type of marketing is easy to strategize budget and plan because the ROI calculation gets more easy.

What are the elements of Direct Response Marketing?

As direct response marketing involves the action like selling the products or getting a lead immediately, hence the decision of advertiser and publisher are consecutive.

A perfect direct response marketing ads based on the following key elements;

  1. An Offer
  2. Precise Information
  3. Great Call to action
  4. Response Options

An Offer

Do you want the consumer to act on your ad?

You have to come up with a great offer. Having consumer problems in mind before starting the campaign can help in driving more conversions. 

An offer is a combination of multiple options. Like the product or service,  trails, additional features, money-back guarantee, free products, free shipments, the price per units and return back policies e.t.c

Precise Information

The consumers are always looking for precise and accurate information before taking any immediate action. 

The less famous brand? It needs more precise information. Try to provide the relevant information and eve catching. 

4seconds are enough to grab attention or else you will lose the game.

Great Call to Action

As we have discussed a great Call to Action (CTA) includes the compelling lines, to get more leads and clicks. Show some offers that others can’t refuse.

Call to Action C-T-A is an action you tell the user what to do next in the form of a button or any hyperlink. Some few common examples of CTA from famous brands are;

  • Join Free For A Month (Netflix)
  • Get Your Free Report Today (WordStream, Search Marketing Company )
  • Try It For Free (Hotjar)
  • Get Started Free (HubSpot)
  • Try Kissmetrics (Kiss Metrics)
  • Call Now
  • Grab Your Deals
  • Join The Million Others (The Skimm)
  • Start Meeting (Join.me)

Some Advertisers use multiple ways to get instant leads like “The Happy Discount Hours, timer deals, phone number, direct text messages, emails e.t.c”.

What are the benefits of Direct Response Marketing?

However, this type of marketing ensures the advertiser to make a handsome ROI. The benefits of Direct Response Marketing includes;


The best part of Direct Response Marketing is it’s easily trackable. When a user performs any action like call, click, sign up e.t.c you can see it immediately in your dashboards which media got a click or which is getting impressions. 

In the Polus Media Demand Slide Platform (DSP) an advertiser can see the bounce rate, track the user behaviors, the impression of a most engaging campaign, daily clicks and more for optimizing the campaign for the highest revenue.


Since advertisers know how much sales or responses he is getting from the campaign. So the value and evaluation of the campaign can be done easily. Measure the most responded ads for better performance before launching the big campaign. In Polus Media digital advertising platform, our advertisers can measure the outcomes of ads via DSP’s and can compare if for better performance and return.


Since you can target niche-based interested, geographics based targetted audiences which can be converted more. Advertisement aims to target only limited interested people for better conversion in low budget.

Real Time bidding system shows the interest base ads to the consumers.

Makes a specific offer

Mostly the advertising campaigns encourage a prospective customer to take some actions by making them a special offer with some type of timer or anything like “Get the Free Report Today.”

Instant Return on Investment

Direct Marketing is all about making instant sales or actions, creating momentum. Programmatic advertising is the best solution for direct marketing for media buyers. Media Buyers can determine the price for one impression at a time and can bid only on those impressions that bring values to them.

Win-win Game, Spend less to earn more.

Polus Media

Precise segmentation

Marketers can develop effective marketing segmentation strategies by buying a list of potential consumers, for example, network cable buyers, credit card users, insurance and so on. With programmatic advertising, advertisers can use ad networks that specialize in types of content they cover, like health, beauty, entertainment, home appliances, foods, and multiple services, etc.

What Are Effective Channels for Direct Response?

The following channels are great avenues for direct response advertising:

E-Mail Marketing

In the age of the internet, most people enjoy receiving postal mail, believe it or not, as long as they don’t view it as junk or spam. Create memorable, engaging direct mailers so that when recipients open their mailbox, they’re driven to respond.

Direct Response TV

TV ads are still an effective marketing campaign to sell your products or for any purpose. But, your team should consider buying a television ad during any popular event (such as an Olympics, Fifa or any sports e.t.c), since this time will have the highest live viewership. Do not forget about the youtube as it brings many more leads.

Radio & Billboards

One of the most effective ways to target commuters is Radio & Billboards. Consider how and where your target audience is likely driving. Instead of advertising phone numbers or difficult pages consider advertising easy to remember websites.

Digital Marketing

In Digital Marketing whether it’s Adwords, Social Media Marketing getting the direct response with Buy Now, Get Free or Contact Now with the offers are the best to generates responses. Like the Polus Media CPC-based pricing model our media buyers ensure that their every single penny spent makes count in generating the best ROI goals.