What is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct Response Marketing is not like direct marketing. Direct Response Marketing involves the user to perform or response to specific actions immediately like “BuyNow, Subscribe to Newsletter, Read More” in the advertiser campaign of office.

In Direct Response Marketing it takes no time to measure the performance of the campaign at the right time. 

Direct response marketing can be in any found in “print marketing (magazines, newspapers, brochures, e.t.c)” websites, search engines, radio spots, and many other online ads (social media, video marketing e.t.c).

Many Marketing strategies are planned to promote the brand and for making it more engaging or interactive to people.

But sometimes we need something which brings more sales and creates some high ROI, 

And exactly where the direct response marketing makes it space.

A targeted type of marketing for the specific type of people who intends to be converting potential customers to drive measurable and more results.

Such type of marketing is easy to strategize budget and plan because the ROI calculation gets easier.

What are the elements of Direct Response Marketing?

As direct response marketing involves the action like selling the products or getting a lead immediately, hence the decision of advertiser and publisher are consecutive.

A perfect direct response marketing ads based on the following key elements;

  1. An Offer
  2. Precise Information
  3. Great Call to action
  4. Response Options

An Offer

Do you want the consumer to act on your ad?

You have to come up with a great offer. Having consumer problems in mind before starting the campaign can help in driving more conversions. 

An offer is a combination of multiple options. Like the product or service,  trails, additional features, money-back guarantee, free products, free shipments, the price per units and return back policies e.t.c

Precise Information

The consumers are always looking for precise and accurate information before taking any immediate action. 

The less famous brand? It needs more precise information. Try to provide the relevant information and eve catching. 

4seconds are enough to grab attention or else you will lose the game.

Great Call to Action

As we have discussed a great Call to Action (CTA) includes the compelling lines, to get more leads and clicks. Show some offers that others can’t refuse.

Call to Action C-T-A is an action you tell the user what to do next in the form of a button or any hyperlink. Some few common examples of CTA from famous brands are;

  • Join Free For A Month (Netflix)
  • Get Your Free Report Today (WordStream, Search Marketing Company )
  • Try It For Free (Hotjar)
  • Get Started Free (HubSpot)
  • Try Kissmetrics (Kiss Metrics)
  • Call Now
  • Grab Your Deals
  • Join The Million Others (The Skimm)
  • Start Meeting (Join.me)

Some Advertisers use multiple ways to get instant leads like “The Happy Discount Hours, timer deals, phone number, direct text messages, emails e.t.c”.

What are the benefits of Direct Response Marketing?

However, this type of marketing ensures the advertiser to make a handsome ROI. The benefits of Direct Response Marketing includes;


The best part of Direct Response Marketing is it’s easily trackable. When a user performs any action like call, click, sign up e.t.c you can see it immediately in your dashboards which media got a click or which is getting impressions. 

In the Polus Media Demand Slide Platform (DSP) an advertiser can see the bounce rate, track the user behaviors, the impression of a most engaging campaign, daily clicks and more for optimizing the campaign for the highest revenue.


Since advertisers know how much sales or responses he is getting from the campaign. So the value and evaluation of the campaign can be done easily. Measure the most responded ads for better performance before launching the big campaign. In Polus Media digital advertising platform, our advertisers can measure the outcomes of ads via DSP’s and can compare if for better performance and return.


Since you can target niche-based interested, geographics based targetted audiences which can be converted more. Advertisement aims to target only limited interested people for better conversion in low budget.

Real Time bidding system shows the interest base ads to the consumers.

Makes a specific offer

Mostly the advertising campaigns encourage a prospective customer to take some actions by making them a special offer with some type of timer or anything like “Get the Free Report Today.”

Instant Return on Investment

Direct Marketing is all about making instant sales or actions, creating momentum. Programmatic advertising is the best solution for direct marketing for media buyers. Media Buyers can determine the price for one impression at a time and can bid only on those impressions that bring values to them.

Win-win Game, Spend less to earn more.

Polus Media

Precise segmentation

Marketers can develop effective marketing segmentation strategies by buying a list of potential consumers, for example, network cable buyers, credit card users, insurance and so on. With programmatic advertising, advertisers can use ad networks that specialize in types of content they cover, like health, beauty, entertainment, home appliances, foods, and multiple services, etc.

What Are Effective Channels for Direct Response?

The following channels are great avenues for direct response advertising:

E-Mail Marketing

In the age of the internet, most people enjoy receiving postal mail, believe it or not, as long as they don’t view it as junk or spam. Create memorable, engaging direct mailers so that when recipients open their mailbox, they’re driven to respond.

Direct Response TV

TV ads are still an effective marketing campaign to sell your products or for any purpose. But, your team should consider buying a television ad during any popular event (such as an Olympics, Fifa or any sports e.t.c), since this time will have the highest live viewership. Do not forget about the youtube as it brings many more leads.

Radio & Billboards

One of the most effective ways to target commuters is Radio & Billboards. Consider how and where your target audience is likely driving. Instead of advertising phone numbers or difficult pages consider advertising easy to remember websites.

Digital Marketing

In Digital Marketing whether it’s Adwords, Social Media Marketing getting the direct response with Buy Now, Get Free or Contact Now with the offers are the best to generates responses. Like the Polus Media CPC-based pricing model our media buyers ensure that their every single penny spent makes count in generating the best ROI goals.


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