Know Display Advertising:

Display Advertising is online advertising which can be done through banner ads, rich media and many more faces. Text-based ads contain only text but display advertising consist of different elements such as images, audio and video in order to communicate with the audience.

One can easily convey a commercial message visually using the perfect blend of text, logos, animations, videos, photographic or other eye-catching graphics. Display advertisement has a feature that allows to frequently targeting the audience having some particular traits which ultimately increase these effect of the ad.

Display Advertising helps to advertise a product or services through visuals on different publisher’s websites such as Google Display Network, Facebook or Instagram etc . it has 3 different categories.

  1. Site Placement Advertising:  In this type of advertising the advertisers and the marketer have the power to choose the websites where they would like to run their display ads.
  2. Contextual advertising: in this type of advertising ads are placed according to the context means an ad for car spare parts will be displayed on websites related to cars etc.
  3. Remarketing: this kind of ads only appear in front of those users who have been on your website but left without doing anything.

Only Display ads have the right potential to increase your brand awareness and sales if created in a manner that targets the right audience with the right message at the right time.  For doing this trick advertisers usually use cookies to uniquely identify their users. Cookies are unique identifiers which list down the different computers and after analyzing it decides which Ad should be serving too which customer.

Matrix to measure the success of Display Marketing:

If you are willing to use Display Advertising then you should be well aware of certain parameters and key metrics such as Reach, clickthrough rates, conversions rate, bounce rates and last but not least return on investment by analyzing these you will get a clear picture of your Display marketing campaign activities.

Here are some useful creative tips for display Ads:

  1. Know your audience interests: it’s important for you to consider the audience for which you are displaying the ad before you design it. Your content should be contextually relevant to them.
  2. Know your audience Demographic: always target your audience according to their demographic details and take advantage of it and remember it’s not “ One for All ” concept.
  3. Know your audience’s emotions triggers: four basic emotions are happiness, sadness, surprise and anger. Design your ad by keeping them in your mind.
  4. Use your inner comedian: humour works wonders when it comes to advertising so don’t forget to use humorous images as they secure your audience attention.
  5. Always offers a feel-free discount to your audience: make your audience thinks that you are offering them a good discount on sales so that they can feel comfortable in buying.
  6. Always pick your colour scheme wisely: details matters a lot while designing an ad so always choose the main colour by keeping in mind the physiological association we have with different colours.


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