5W’s Of Easter Campaigns

Easter is almost here! it’s time you should think about setting up your Easter campaign because this is the time when most of the families gear up to spend their time with their loved ones and making unforgettable memories together and this time of year is also a big opportunity for food marketers. Ok, so National Retail Federation has declared that only in last year the holiday was expected to bring in 18.2 billions of dollars’ worth of revenue in the US only now that’s a gigantic amount.

Now we are going to tell you which are the most important 5 Ws you should be focusing while designing your Easter campaign

Who to target [Easter Campaign] :

Now it’s a global fact that your Audience will always be unique to you and to your content every time you hit the internet market. So it’s hard to pinpoint the exact audience to target but we can tell you how to find them.

You can follow these simple five steps in order to define your Easter audience.

  1. Initially start your campaign with wide targeting
  2. In 1st week spend your time in collecting data on the audience that responds
  3. Test some of these audience segment in your 2nd week
  4. Adjust your ad creative according to these results
  5. Last but not least Repeat it

What to Run:

It’s the content that makes the impact on sales it can either boost your sales or drop your sales.

In order to catch huge traffic, you should seize the opportunity through photo galleries as content with pictures is always in demand throughout the year so take it as fast as you can!

You can also put some dashing videos on the landing page

When to reach consumers:

It’s been recorded that content based on food performs best on Sundays and Tuesdays which means on both of these days food consumers highly demand these foods so this is a good option and in Tuesdays always try to campaign on early morning or in the evening as its not a holiday.

Where to reach:

Mobile is the best thing among many other places to hit the audience. Whenever there is a high demand for food it will come to mobile first then tablet devices second and third on desktop devices.

You should be working on targeting mobiles this Easter!

How To Easter Campaign:

This contains the plannings of the campaign that “HOW” you are going to design and for whom you are going to design the campaign. After designing the campaign you will measure it through stats. The competition in the food industry is high and mostly measure by page views.

After successfully doing these things you will be ready to hit the market with great potential so best of luck for your campaign and try not to forget the basic and most important 5 Ws for a high potential Easter campaign.

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