Most Effective Ways To Sell AdSpace

As a blog or website owner, you may be confused about choosing the best way to sell ad space on your website. Website advertising space can be the mainstream for generating a handsome amount of steady income.

Digital Publishers are earning thousands of dollars $$ from their blogs. Selling the ads space on your website is the easiest way to monetize and make money online. 

Selling and Buying the ad spaces is beneficial for both the advertiser and publishers. 

But keep the thing in mind that advertisers are always drawn to high traffic blogs or websites, but there are plenty of websites that are making good referral income.

So keeping the advertisers and publishers both in mind, we will discuss the most effective methods to sell the advertising space of your website in this article.

  • Advertisers

Advertisers offer you to promote their ads on your ad space on niche related website, so they can drive targeted traffic to their landing page.

  • Publishers

As a publisher or webmaster, you have full control to accept or reject the advertising. You can choose the best ads which suit your audience.

Advertisers Requirements

Let’s start with the guidelines for publishers before selling the advertising spaces. It’s necessary for all digital publishers to fulfill the requirements.


For monetizing the advertising space on your website you need to be the website or blog owner.


Content is the king. Quality content is the most important factor. Content creates trust and helps to generate the leads and in driving the users.

 All advertisers and ad exchanges prefer the niche-based (Cricket, Boarding, Plumbing, Washing Machines Review) website and content. Content must be quality and adding value to visitors. 

Here is the pro tip; You can use the space to sell the products which can get you earn more. Wanna Know more? Check Best Top Machinery here.

The website must fulfill the basic number of content. Minimum 30 to 40 pages with the niche-based content.

The following are the categories that are prohibited and can be the reason for the rejection of ad space.

Gambling, hate speech, and explicit violence, pornography, weapons and ammunition, illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco, gambling and online casinos, spyware, malware or hacking software, cracks.


Not even a single advertiser wants to show their ads on a website with zero or less traffic. It’s like hitting into the stone. Your website must have some worth or name in the search engines or in social networks. 

It needs to be six months old at least. With a minimum of 300 traffic a day you can apply for networks like Google Adsense. Traffic needs to be from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or from Europe countries.


Website Design “the first impression is the last”. Your website needs to be clean, professional and easy to navigate for the users. Make sure to make your webpages responsive so they can be easily navigated. 

Try to code clean if you want to do some advertising on your web. Make sure your advertisements don’t overwrite the content and load fast so the user doesn’t bounce back because of slow loading speed.


Make things easy to find and to reach you whenever it’s necessary. The information on you must be easy for the public.

What you have to offer?

Clicky is a free web analytics tool that provide minute to minute real-time analytics, monitor, and analyze your website. Areas to look out for are:

  • Where my visitors got engaged? What do they look at my web pages?
  • What are the most popular pages?
  • Which page got the longest stay time?
  • What is the source of my traffic? 
  • What are my ranking keywords?

Develop the demographics interest of your audience and figure which type of advertiser pays you more for this type of audience.

Now we have figured out the needs of the advertiser and our type of traffic, it’s time to bump into the most interesting and affecting advertising solutions for your website.

1- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best performance-based marketing. The fastest and easiest way to earn money through your blog post by selling or referring a product to the end-user.

In Affiliate, marketing retailer pays you whenever an action is performed. 

How does Affiliate marketing works?

It’s easy to understand the process of affiliate marketing.

RECOMMENDATION: Your recommendations mean a lot. You simply recommend a service to your blog readers or followers.

AFFILIATE LINKS: Placing the affiliate links within the post so your readers and followers can do purchase from it.

COMMISSION: You get paid a specific amount of commission when your followers or visitors purchase things from it.

How do you become an affiliate marketer?

It’s much easier to start an affiliate blog or become a marketer. Affiliate marketing can turn your blog   money-making machine which works on its own, once the following things are done:

  1. Find a niche.
  2. Research different affiliate programs and products.
  3. Build a niche site.
  4. Produce quality content.
  5. Do SEO and build an audience
  6. Promote your affiliate product (write reviews).
  7. Repeat steps 4–6 

Which affiliate program is the best?

Every program has it’s own commission rates. Here are some of the best and most recommended affiliate programs from Polus Media;

  • FlexOffers.
  • Clickbank.
  • ShareASale.
  • JVZoo.
  • CJ Affiliate.
  • Rakuten Linkshare.
  • Associates, the Amazon Affiliate Program, of course!

What are the affiliate payment terms?

Every affiliate platform using it’s own payments term;

Pay Per Click (PPC): You make money through PPC when visitors click your affiliate link and redirected to the advertiser’s website.

Pay Per Sale (PPS): You only get paid when a user makes a purchase through your affiliate links.

Pay Per Lead (PPL): You make money online when a user fills a form with their, name, phone number, DOB, email and address e.t.c

 Learn more about its pricing models: CPC, PPC, CPM, CPI, CPA, CPL: Which Online Ad Models Are Best?

2- Programmatic Advertising

Why wait for any media buyer or any affiliate program? When you can make money from now. Programmatic advertising (Display Advertising) is the best way to sell your ads. Whether you are a blogger or respectable publisher you can start making money from the automation of selling and buying ads process of programmatic advertisement.

Programmatic Advertising will match your targeted audience with its advance ML and AI algorithms. Discover more about the future of advertising and ad selling by clicking here.

How to start with programmatic advertising?

Getting started with it is not rocket science, it’s much easier than any other platform. Start with a signup supply-side platform or publisher page. Once you have done that..! 

There’s a lot of opportunities ahead. It’s up to you whether you choose Real-Time Bidding or direct one to one relationship with the advertiser for the fix rates.
You May be interested in what is DSP and SSP.

Publishers are provided by the ad inventory and connected to the demand side. Where he can choose what they like. 

Display advertising is a fully automated process and easy, to begin with. Finding the buyer, price negotiating targeted ads are done by machines. 

Choose the minimum or the maximum number of ads you want to show on your website, without any restriction. With the various types of advertising formats like Video, images, banners you can easily maximize your mainstream income.

3- Make Things Automatic

If you don’t want to get hustle or want to find a buyer to pay you for display advertising or negotiating the price by yourself. Or you don’t know what to do or where to get things started, then the good thing to try first is the automatic the whole process.

Try services like Google Adsense, AdSella e.t.c to monetize your advertisement space. Simply signup through them if your website qualifies the requirements we have to find out above; you will receive the email of their advertising program.

How to Advertising through it?

AdUnits: Create an ad unit (Text, image, video) of the recommended size.

AdSpace: Paste the ad code on the space where you want to show ads.

Earning: You will be paid for impressions and clicks. 

Monitor the fraud click or else you will end up banning your website.

4- Finding The Advertiser

Now you are finally thinking about making a big amount of money by excluding the middle persons (AD Exchangers, Affiliate Programs). This is the most effective way to get your income into a streamline. 

But it’s a hectic to find an advertiser, and it takes a lot of effort and time. This comes handy when selling your advertisement space directly to the brand and company. 

Promoting an event, product or website on your website directly can help you get 100% of advertising revenue. The easy thing on direct selling your ads space that you are free to make a decision. How much you need to charge from the ads space buyer, desired payment methods e.t.c

Remember, managing your own ad space will get you the biggest slice of the profit, but it also requires the most work.

  • Limit your offering: 

Advertisers don’t want to see the rapid “Advertise here” boxes your website. Start from a single slot and increase up to 3 ads slots as you start gaining more traffic. 

  • Spread the word:

Spread the news via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook that you have advertising slot on your website

  • Collaboration

Always be smart: Create your mini-network channel of the same niche website if your site’s traffic is low. Tell the media buyer to advertise on multiple websites at the fixed price, it may gain the attention.

  • Start a promotion. 

At the start, you may have to give away your ad spots for nothing or worth next to nothing. So start with promotional offers to get advertisers indoor. If you succeed to deliver high-quality traffic, then the advertisers will be willing to pay the when promotional offers run out. Try to track the traffic because it will be helpful when you negotiate the advertising terms.

Where Do I Start?

Whenever it comes to choose the ad slot, it’s always been difficult to choose which one is good for you. We have discussed and covered the most effective and major methods to sell ad spaces online. As each model has it’s pros and cons. Before advertising your objectives must be clear about:

  • Do you want to advertise niche related products, event or what?
  • Do you want to advertise only on a specific page or specific portion on all websites?
  • Do you want to maximize the revenues with Programmatic, Affiliate or Direct Selling?
  • Do you want to start a partner program with a brand?

Answer these questions carefully and it will lead you to right decision. If you have a question comment below Polus Media will be glad to clear your confusion. Feel free to contact us if you want to increase your revenue with programmatic ads selling.

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