Email Marketing Services and Internet Marketing Strategy

Emails are useful tools to communicate with your potential customers. This email marketing service is a kind of marketing let your business messages to be sent directly to your prospective clients. Obviously not any email is able to match your marketing goals or arouse your future customers’ interest. That is why for drawing their attention special forms of written communication are to be used.

To launch an email marketing campaign is a wonderful opportunity to connect your customers and prospects as well as to build relationships and generate leads.

Goals of email marketing campaign

Your marketing campaign can have a wide range of goals: mentioned lead generation, brand loyalty or awareness, promotional offers, company news and many others. Various internet marketing strategies deliver necessary actionable information to your potential customers. And email marketing remains an effective tool for achieving these intentions.

Our team has highly-skilled professionals who can solve the most sophisticated email marketing campaigns that are one of the key parts of a successful internet marketing strategy. Among them there are talented and motivated CRO – conversion optimization specialists, account managers adept, UX – user experience, copywriters and resourceful developers and designers.

Polus Media is an energetic experienced and talented agency that can lead your email marketing campaigns to a higher level. We have got a list of services that can comprise a campaign that confirm your expectations. Among them are the following:

  • 1. Third party integration
  • 2. Deliverability analysis optimization
  • 3. Subscriber list growth
  • 4. Database management
  • 5. Custom retargeting
  • 6. Marketing automation
  • 7. Destribution
  • 8. Campaign deployment
  • 9. Custom template development
  • 10. Design and content creation
  • 11. Copywriting
  • 12. HTML coding
  • 13. Program strategy
  • 14. Tracking
  • 15. Testing
  • 16. Reporting

Our company is for transparency in communication and work that is why we always welcome our clients’ ideas and questions. We believe clients when they are engaged and well-informed help any marketing campaign to be both productive and strong.

Today’s internet environment is very sensitive to any kind of spam but you can fully trust Polus Media’s expertise and experience and rely on us in carrying out email campaigns for you with effectiveness and precision.

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