Future of ecommerce

Global ecommerce industries have long gone beyond the framework of “shopping on the website” and today it is an entire big range of interactions with customers and partners. For the further development of online business, companies need to implement innovative strategies and invest more in new technologies, which seemed unreal yesterday and are now becoming trends. Some of them have every chance to become e commerce leaders and answers the ‘what is the future of ecommerce’ question.

  • Full customization

Ecommerce opportunities associated with artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence – AI) and machine learning (Machine learning – ML) in online commerce are not just a trend, but a development vector for the coming years.

  • Search by photo

Automatic image e commerce technology has already become a standard option in mobile devices, so proactive consumers will soon be able to make purchases on the Internet using only photos. Search of the image will soon be able to partially replace manual input by words. Pinterest, Google, and Facebook already use similar algorithms to identify objects, faces of friends.

  • Online fitting

Executives at a small ecommerce of augmented reality and virtual reality will also be actively developing. Companies are already working hard on the functionality that will allow the use of mobile devices to visualize products in real time and place. Such an option will not only stimulate an increase in orders, but also help reduce returns.

  • Voice control

Voice assistants have experienced tremendous progress in terms of ecommerce technology trends popularity and demand. Many people use Alexa by Amazon, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri to perform a variety of tasks. Among them are making purchases, payments, checking the balance.

  • The role of marketplaces

In the future, it is expected that the world leader in e-commerce Amazon will continue its rapid growth. Like its Chinese competitor Alibaba, Amazon will become an indispensable element of the business plan of most online companies. In the end of 2017, Amazon controlled about 50% of the US e-commerce market and Alibaba had 70% of the retail market in China.

  • Business goes to mobile

According to the forecasts, in the global e-commerce market by 2021 the share of mobile will be 72.9%.

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