How Polus Media Header Bidding Solution Intensifies Programmatic Sales

What Is Programmatic Advertising?    

Programmatic Advertising has taken online advertising to the next level by incorporating technology into advertising campaigns to make them more targeted and efficient. Unlike direct sales, programmatic buying uses efficient software solutions to buy display space.

Programmatic Advertising solutions offer efficient use of time and resources to marketers and are known to be a far more efficient marketing strategy.

Pitfalls Of Direct Sales

  •   This approach is meant for outgoing potential customers with a wide range of networks who are willing to purchase. 
  •   The direct sales method involves continuous efforts to keep expanding networks and grow sales. 
  •   You are not fully able to identify the target users right from the beginning.

What Is Header Bidding?

Header Bidding is an advanced programmatic technique used for advertising and is sometimes also referred to as pre-bidding or advanced-bidding. The technique is used by publishers to offer ad-space to numerous advertisers. 

Header Bidding differs from traditional real-time bidding (RTB) because, in RTB, each ad exchange has its own auction, there is a one-at-a-time policy, and ads are given a much lower priority at publisher’s ad server. Whereas in header bidding, ad exchanges are allowed to bid at the same time and are at the highest priority in the ad server. 

How Does Header Bidding Work?

It follows the following steps:

  1.   Every SSP or DSP connected to the server starts by making a pre-bid. 
  2.   Auction process takes place at the winning DSP and the impressions are sold.
  3.   This method allows every publisher to get the best bid from all advertisers from every SSP or DSP connected to the system.

How Does Polus Header Bidding Solution Help Publishers?

Polus header bidding solution has numerous benefits to publishers.

  •   Increased Control

With the Polus Media header bidding solution, publishers can be sure of increased control of the sources to participate in bidding. It gives publishers an ability to prioritize certain advisors, allowing marketers to continue working with their preferred publishers.

  •   Increased Profitability

The most important aspect for any publisher, it allows them to increase their charges for the premium inventory. Publishers have managed to increase their revenue by 30-40% using header bidding.

  •   Improved Yield

The overall yield is increased, because of less dependency on a single SSP. This leads to smart impression allocations and an increased rate of the file.

  •   Decreased Reporting Discrepancies

Because of the simultaneous auction taking place on multiple platforms and no concept of sequential chaining, there is a drastic reduction in discrepancies.

How Does Polus Media Header Bidding Solution Help Advertisers

The benefits of the Polus Media header bidding solution are not just limited to publishers. It gives huge benefits to advertisers as well.

  •   Disintermediation

All advertisers have equal access to opportunities leading towards winning the best inventor irrespective of the usage of AdX.

  •   More Clarity

Polus Media Header bidding solution gives advertisers access to the publisher’s inventory, allowing them to know what is available and at what price.

Uncover The Real Potential Of Polus Media Header Bidding Solution

Benefits of Using Polus Media Header Bidding Wrapper

Polus Media cares about your webpage latency. The easy to set up and customizable header bidding wrappers are configured to cater some of the main challenges like:

  1.   Customizable Timeouts

Using Polus Media header bidding wrapper, you can set optimal timeout value that will cut off bids from any sources that are too slow to respond. This allows you ease of setting timeout once and for all, inside the wrapper, instead of setting it for an individual demand partner.

  1.   Asynchronous Requests

Polus Media header bidding wrapper supports asynchronous code. This means all bid requests are sent to potential partners asynchronously, instead of being sent sequentially. This is done as soon as a user requests for a webpage. These asynchronous requests reduce queueing delay.

  1.   Demand Partner Management

With Polus Media Header Bidding wrapper, you can easily add or remove demand partners. Having trouble dealing with a demand partner that’s slowing down the auction? Simply remove them from the wrapper. Give your ad operations team a central container to work with and save their precious time!

Benefits Of Polus Media Client-Side Header Bidding

  1.   Publisher Control

Polus Media Client-side header bidding offers full control to the publisher by allowing them to select buyers using header bidding wrappers. 

  1.   Auction Management

The solution facilitates publishers by allowing them to control and manage the auction process. Using our header bidding wrappers, publishers can select their favorite buyers, set time-outs on slow responses, and make sure all buyers have an equal chance of getting the bids simultaneously.

  1.   Cookie Matching 

With Polus Media client-side header bidding, access ad units directly from the publisher’s webpage using our wrapper solution. Improve your ad targeting via Access to the user’s cookie data.

Polus Media Server-Side Header Bidding

  1.   Reduced Latency

Ease your browser with Polus Media server-side header bidding and transfer all workload to server. This allows reduced latency and quicker page load. 

  1.   Target More Demand Partners

With Polus Media server-side header bidding solution, make your server send bid requests to as many buyers as you want, increase your ad fill rate and stay on the competitive edge. 

  1.   Preferred For Video Header Bidding

With server-side bidding in the Polus Media header bidding solution, make your page render faster by processing large videos on the server instead of the browser.

  1.   Independence To Browser Request Limitation

Be independent of the number of bid requests to be sent. Using the Polus Media header bidding solution for your server-side bidding process, you can be independent of reaching a certain number of bid requests allowed per session by most browsers. 

Polus Media Header Bidding Solution Advanced Analytics Tool

  1.   Factual Insights

Using an advanced analytics tool from Polus Media Header Bidding solution, you can have insights into facts you never thought of taking into consideration. 

  1.   Gather Deeper Details

Go into details of each bidder’s bid/win CPM based on geographical details, device type, and ad spot size. Use Polus Media analytics to gain more insights into page latency, bid rate, and other factors likewise.

  1.   Foresee The Future

Identify hidden areas of improvement and underlying risks before they arise. Generate reports to alter sales strategies if necessary and boost your sales even more.     

Boost Your Sales With Polus Media Header Bidding Solution 

Polus Header Bidding solution is the most important advancement in the world of ad tech. Features like programmatic access to ‘Premium’ inventory, being able to provide ‘first look’ as a benefit, and access to header bidding auction makes Polus Header Bidding Solution stand apart. Explore the world of Polus Media solution’s concrete features of client-side header bidding, server-side header bidding and be able to foresee the future using our advanced analytics tool.

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