The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation 2019

The matrix on which your business is said to be successful or failure is measured by the numbers of new clients or sales that you make every day and it all starts with leads.

If you are a new bee in the world of lead generation you have to know some basics and essentials concepts that are

  • What is lead generation?
  • How lead generation connects with sales and marketing?

Lead generation definition

“ The action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services. “

So it works this way you first gain their attention and once you get that you ultimately aim to convert that attention into permanent need which will make them your customers. You want up-going progress in business you got to have a steady brook of customers coming towards you.

Importance of Lead Generation

Alright, we now know what Lead Generation is but now the question is why do we even need it? Well, the world is full of customers if you see in that way but they are not waiting for you to deliver the information to their doorstep but they are in a dire need to see the information they need and for that, they search for it.

In order to do that magic, you have to create that aura of trust,  belief and reliability by

  1. Making it easy and helpful for potential customers to find you.
  2. Show your reliability and importance by providing them with trust and satisfaction.
  3. Make them choose you by helping them in their buying decisions.

This all will be done through glamorous content. People need something that worth giving time for and of course their contact through email addresses and guess what through that email addresses you can advertise your offers and values to them.

Know your audience

Alright, so before starting your marketing you should have the prior and essential information and stats. You need to know who your audience which specific segment you are targeting. The more you will be precise and audience specific more you can target your lead-generation tactics and the success rate will be off the charts.

You need to know

  1. Age, Gender and interests of your target group
  2. Demographic information for geo-fencing
  3. Problems that you are offering to solve

There are various platforms where you can find these stats like Google analytics and also you can do some homework by focusing on your competitors.

Content Marketing for Lead-Generation  

Content Marketing is one of the fundamentals of Digital marketing. Content marketing uses different modes of content to catch attention for your business. It’s a supplement to boost your sales and raise leads for you.

In order to start a successful and fruitful campaign for lead-generation, you should always take good notes in your mind that what types of content you will be using for your customers to capture their attention.

It can be in the form of videos, infographics, articles, podcasts and many others.

Lead-generation through SEM

Once you created something valuable and informative in the form of content for the customers you can generate traffic towards it by using Search Engine marketing. This will be done using ads that will pop in in the search results of users. These ads will be triggered from a keyword of your choice so make sure to choose the right keywords for them.

Lead-generation through Email Marketing

It’s one of the most effective and essential techniques of lead-generation you can ever use. As we all know most of the people checks their email on a regular base.  Emails are the fastest way to build personal connections with people but there are certain parameters you need to follow:

  1. You should have a place where you offer sign-ups for emails it maybe your sidebar or a web-page.
  2. Personalized information for targeted people.
  3. Regular and updated information should be sent so that they can know you.

Lead generation through social media

In today’s world, the fastest way to introduce your business and attract more potential customers is through social media. It’s fast and quick so you just can’t ignore it. A huge number of the population are on social media which ultimately increases the number of possible potential customers for any business.

In order to use this tool for lead generation, you need to know your traffic and their location and interests. You will get these stats from different social media analytics platforms which will help you to know the current trending in your niche and through that map your content with your audience.

Measure for a successful lead-generation

After doing all the possible tactics you can ever possibly do how can you find that your workings, strategies and trying is fruitful or is it just rotten work?

In order to track success metrics start looking from the stats of your website. See how much traffic is increased and how many new followers have you got.

Check for your Email-listings. See how many new subscribers have made contact or receiving your email services

All of these will be going to help you at the end of the day to measure your success and give you a clear picture of your efforts and the reward you are betting against them.

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