Leaderboard Ads (728*90) – A Brief Guide

Leaderboard Ads – A Brief Guide

A leaderboard ad is a rectangular and wide advertising space with dimensions of 729*90. This ad is placed on top of a website and is the first thing that a visitor notices. If you want your ad to be seen by the greatest number of visitors, then leaderboard ads are the best option for you. 

LeaderBoard Ads 728*90 - Polus Media

Standard Ads Unit 728*90 Leader Board Ads

Enable text and images into leaderboard ads and you have an instant opportunity to generate more money through CPM. It is one of the most famous banner types that generate the maximum number of impressions, clicks, and sales. At Polus Media, we strive to give you the best quality leaderboard ads for your growing business. 


  •   Supported file formats include GIF, GIF89, JPEG, and Flash. 
  •   We provide you an ability to link directly to the advertiser URL. 
  •   You can apply different URLs to different banners in ad space. 
  •   You can come up with an alternative text that would be shown in the case picture isn’t there or is taking time to load. 
  •   Border size of 1 is automatically applied to the ads. 
  •   You can target ROS/RON on the basis of their availability. 
  •   Page sides beside content can also be used to serve as ad space. 
  •   We provide full statistics including impressions and click-through to give you critical insights. 

Polus Media Leaderboard Ad Benefits For Website Owners

Our 728X90 leaderboard ads are sure to give site owners the highest CPM. Leaderboard ads are so prevalent and in demand over the Internet that it is vital to use them on every page of your website. Because it is so popular across the internet, you might be tempted to buy leaderboards both at the top and the bottom of the page. 

However, only utilizing the space above the fold on top would be very successful in earning. Owners wishing to do this should make sure that they are able to differentiate between two different ad slots before selling it so they are better able to monetize the top slot better. 

Leaderboard ads are used in sponsorship and homepage takeovers; therefore, it is vital for site owners to make sure an ad is placed at the same place as the same website. To give ad units a collaborative effect, it’s a good practice to pair leaderboard ad with ads of 300X 250 ads. 

Polus Media Leader Board Ads

Polus Media Leader Board Ads

Polus Tip:

  1.   Leaderboard ads are frequently used. The ad space used for leaderboard ads is used extensively for expanding ads. Therefore, we suggest you never to place your content inside an iframe. It also should have a z-index of 999,999,998.
  2.   We do not recommend the usage of leaderboard ads with any other dimensional ad space like 468X60 and 728X90 due to the fact that these sizes fill up space badly and earn much lower CPM. Furthermore, with leaderboards standard size is so common. There, s little need. 

Polus Media Leaderboard Ad Benefits For Ad Buyers

Leaderboard ads are one of the most popular and best-performing ad slots right now. Due to its performance and ability to give you maximum CPR, it should be a part of your ad purchase. Because of its capability to outperform its peers in the industry, it might seem like an expensive option and a bigger investment, but it is worth it due to its performance.

Leaderboards ads are usually placed on the top of the web page and are the first thing to be noticed by a user when they browse the web. Leaderboard ad spaces are extensively being used as expandable ads, so their performance is the best when used without iframes. However, if the frame is a must, there are ways to make it expand anyway but it is generally more of a hassle with not necessarily the same worth. 

Polus media tip: 

Many potential buyers combine 728X90’s to embed video in it. This practice is not considered to be good. However, if a video placement is a must, then an expanding ad must be created, and a video must be placed inside it. 

Why Polus Media Leaderboard Ad Dimensions Are Important? 

The dimensions of different types of ads are kept standardized and fixed to serve a variety of functions individually. There’s no doubt around the fact that the way the user interacts and sees an ad is influenced greatly by the size of the ad. 

Despite the fact that the dimensions of different types of ads vary slightly, yet their effectiveness and efficiency in delivering the right message at the right time are unique. In the end, the main goal is not just the display of ads, but to make the user click and view it and become a customer from being a visitor. As an advertiser, you have to choose which type of leaderboard ad is the most appropriate for your marketing campaign so you can get the most of our services. 

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