Mobile web monetization

The issue of mobile web monetization is very acute. At the same time, the impressions and clicks based on mobiles are the major drives for effective digital advertising growth. It is connected with the fact that mobile devices are the most popular among users for Internet access. That’s why for any publisher, it is vital to be mobile-first and include this issue in the process of optimization.

Tips for mobile website monetization

  1. Avoid bad adverts. For the users, the size, type, and time of loading are very crucial when it concerns ads. It is better to exclude such kinds of ads as pop-ups, auto-playing videos, flashing animations, ads taking up more than 40% of vertical screen-height, etc. Such standards are applied by many ad tech companies including Google, AppNexus, IAB, and others.
  2. Use newer platforms. The most popular ones are Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP. The posts can be hosted directly on Facebook servers, while the loading time becomes much faster. Google AMP is open source. Here the mobile pages are loaded faster. The platform has recently made changes to the monetization issue adding more advert formats and facilities for the publishers.
  3. Apply mobile video ads smartly. It might be interstitials or a rewarded video. It is a popular way of monetization via mobile apps. According to the statistics, rewarded videos have more positive feedback than interstitials making the players buying the advertised products.
  4. Create more complex in-app advertising. It will become possible with the upcoming 5G technology announced for 2019 in major US cities. The time of processing and loading will become much faster.
  5. Implement header bidding. Such strategy in mobiles is proved to be the same effective as for desktop. Thus, the revenue will become better, while the management will become easier and more effective.

There exist various platforms, such as Polus Media and others, which can help optimize mobile adverts achieve more revenue for the publishers and get the maximum advantages of the ads.

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