Most effective Paid Traffic Sources

From year to year all new born businesses face the same “traffic” problem: no traffic generates no conversions. One can’t track how well selling process works without audience, while traffic campaign without a diligent testing may crush your reputation in front of potential customers and partners, and in general make you look amateurishly.

In this article we will discuss how to get rid of this vicious circle and where to get necessary traffic.

How to set out on a path?

Let’s start with testing

Whether you like it or not, but there should be some examination of your website performance. There are major aspects that should be studied:

  • – how to make an order: the simpler it is the better, even a dummy should understand how to cope with it;
  • – how registration process is organized, i.e. how well you collect your buyers contact information;
  • – navigation: how many clicks one needs to buy, it would be perfect to be in terms of 3.

Of course, testing is impossible without traffic. Buy PPC click traffic not take great risks. It doesn’t cost a lot, but you will track main functions of your website and find your weak points.

It is high time to broaden your PPC campaign

After buying trial click traffic and adjusting all the processes you should get more traffic. Obviously, that in this and previous one point you will need help from search engines – Yahoo Search Marketing will be enough here and there, later you can switch to Google Adwords.

Tell Google that you exist

It is a good moment to generate free traffic from Bing, Yahoo and Google. This point is especially important if you want to generate USA traffic. The procedure is quite simple here, you should only find time to give access to spiders (automated systems that scan websites for indexation). If you leave that process run its course, it will really finally happen, but may be in a day or in a month.

Get viral

It means that people should tell their friends, relatives and colleagues information about you. You can simply leave a note to the posts you make like: “Please, share the content with your friend if you find it interesting”. You can also give people free samples of your products in the streets.

Make accidental visitors your stable customers

Each click spent on advertising can be said wasted if you haven’t collected contact info from your visitors. It is important about you to those visitors who looked through your pages, but didn’t buy anything. You should have a means how to get in touch with them. Emails can be easily gathered with an acceptance form. The whole process can be automated by using auto-replies when people register at your website, no matter what time it is, but they can have a welcoming note from you. And, thus, start thinking about your website when later you send them discount coupons, tell about “promotions” and so on.

A bottom line

This guideline is not a ultimate truth. Each approach should be carefully studied before applying, but this steps are initial when you just start your business.

What is more important – don’t try to use all methodics you have read here or somewhere else – 1-2 strategies will do to run a successful business. Your actual experience in several winning strategies for your business is more important than slight understanding of millions.

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