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It’s good that times are changing: we still remember the time when the network marketing advertising used to be home meetings, invitations to a café etc.

Fortunately, nowadays for network marketing ads you do not need to carry products with you and be imposed on people who are not interested in the offer. Everything can be done through social networks: sell goods, assemble a team and share experiences with like-minded people.

For those who are not very aware of how it all works, we tell in detail how networkers work with social networks and what tools will be useful to create network marketing ads that work:

  1. Determine which social network you will work on. The choice does not depend on personal preferences, but on which site is larger than the target audience is.
  2. Make a portrait of your client – the visitor of the network marketing advertising sites: a buyer or a team member. Determine gender, age, place of residence, interests.
    In network marketing, trust is important. Therefore, your goal is to create an image on the network that will not only be interesting to people but will also make them follow your advice.
  3. Working with content begins with a strategy. Each publication obeys certain predefined rules and helps achieve goals.
  4. Make a content plan so that your page is interesting and diverse, and you do not have to invent a topic for the post every time.
  5. Make a list of headings: about the product, about you, about your work, reviews, etc. Consider which rubrics are more important and how much information you have on different topics, how often you can post.
  6. Make a publication schedule for a week or two ahead: what will you write about and how often.
  7. Follow the rule 30/30/20: a third part of the posts should be entertaining, another third part – useful, and only 20 percent is to be selling.
    In addition to creating content, an important part of maintaining pages on social networks is work with the audience.
  8. The important part is involvement. People will read your materials and leave the page if you do not begin to interact with them. The ways are obvious but working: questions for the audience, polls, contests.
  9. If you are promoting a personal page, comment on the posts of interesting people who work in the same topic of network marketing, get acquainted with them.

At each stage, analyze the result to know exactly which actions are useful and which are not.

Look for the most popular publications: this way you will understand which topics interest the audience more.

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