How Polus Media Header Bidding Solution Intensifies Programmatic Sales

Header bidding solution

What Is Programmatic Advertising?     Programmatic Advertising has taken online advertising to the next level by incorporating technology into advertising campaigns to make them more targeted and efficient. Unlike direct sales, programmatic buying uses efficient software solutions to buy display space. Programmatic Advertising solutions offer efficient use of time and resources to marketers and are known […]

White paper advertising

White paper in advertising

White paper or an eBook is still a new kind of thing – white paper advertising has recently appeared in the market and few people only know that whitepaper marketing is a very effective marketing tool. White papers marketing is something like a free brochure containing non-promotional information that is valuable to its target audience. […]

Geofencing Advertising for Location-Based Marketing

Geofencing Advertising for Location-Based Marketing

Geofencing for advertising is relatively a new concept and its popularity has skyrocketed with the increasing number of mobile devices. The geofencing strategy uses signals from potential customers’ mobile devices that activate marketing campaigns. With the tremendous growth of mobile devices, it is believed that geofencing will soon become the most popular strategy in digital […]

Management Information System V/S Information Technology


What is Management Information system? It is an infrastructure that is widely used in businesses and other corporations at a large level which is comprise of software and hardware. It is computerized management system. It is shortly presented as MIS. It is a particular one among the components of Information System, which is design for […]

Pre-Money VS Post-Money – A Guide

Pre Money V_S Post Money (1)

What is Pre-Money? The worth of any company before receiving any investments is pre-money. It is void of external financing and latest round of funding. It has some features: It describes the startup worth of a business. The shares being issued at that specific time are valued. It gives investors an idea of value of […]

Online advertising pricing models

Online advertising pricing models

The choice of online advertising pricing models is crucial for any budgeting strategy. The modern digital advertising offers various pricing options. There exist cost-per-click, cost-per-action, cost-per-mille, and other models. Online ad pricing development There used to exist 2 basic models – CPC & CPM. The latest was created at the very beginning of online advertising […]



The first thing you will ever going to hear or notice while looking at the digital marketing world are the vast amount of different platforms and vendors that are being offered for programmatic media buying and data management work. This is the era of technological advancements and as these giants are shaping themselves into new […]

Mobile web monetization

5 Tips for mobile website monetization

The issue of mobile web monetization is very acute. At the same time, the impressions and clicks based on mobiles are the major drives for effective digital advertising growth. It is connected with the fact that mobile devices are the most popular among users for Internet access. That’s why for any publisher, it is vital […]

Top #6 Promotional Strategies in Marketing

Promotional Strategies

What is a Promotional Strategy? Adopting a marketing plan can be hard, especially if your business is new in the market. This is where promotional strategies come in handy and can help you find the right strategy for your business to flourish. In simple words, a promotional strategy is a plan or a tactic you […]

Types of Advertising – Used By Marketer For Leads

Types Of AdVertising- Polus Media (1)

What is advertising and It’s types? Advertising is one of the most important form of communication and used purposefully by people. It contains a message that can be promoting, selling or even trying to sell a service or product for you. It is usually classified as the form of Marketing Communication. In today’s fast growing […] Rated 5 / 5 based on 5 reviews.