Pay per click gives better results in delivering targeted traffic.

Search engine marketing is a significant part of Internet marketing. SEM promotes websites mainly through paid advertising. So it is closely connected with social media advertisements and paid search.

Using pay per click ads gives better results in delivering targeted traffic as well as conversions than organic SEO does. PPC gives wonderful opportunities in brand-building and tremendous revenue in addition. And that is where our professionals in PPC management services come in!

How does PPC work?

Before launching your PPC campaign we learn your business goals and KPI objectives to understand your industry as well as your competition. In order to meet your Polus Media uses various strategies and approaches:

  • 1. We always use multi-attribution conversion tracking technology.
  • 2. We hold content campaigns as well as banner and retargeting ones.
  • 3. We optimize landing page and ad copy.
  • 4. We are ready to conduct keyword research, to analyze and apply them.
  • 5. We always carry out a comprehensive analysis.

A correctly chosen strategy and the right budget can provide you with high visibility. Thanks to paid search each time when a random visitor clicks on your ad, your website will be able to jump higher on Bing and Google lines.

Polus Media guaranties quick, profitable results. Partnership with us gives you:

  • 1. Increased Sales Effectiveness.
    Our pay per click advertising campaigns give your sales teams valuable information on which offers are generating interest and by which services and products customers’ attention is caught. Clients’ attention is to be attracted to leads of high quality.
  • 2. SEO Insights.
  • Both pay per click and search engine optimization are significant instrument
    of Internet marketing. But integrated in one another they give great results because PPC campaigns usually strengthen SEO ones providing information on clients’ services and products’ popularity, valuable data about keywords, comprehension of different promotional offers’ efficiency etc.

  • 3. More and Better Online Revenue and Sales Leads.
  • 4. High profitability of the company.
  • 5. Competitive Edge.
  • 6. Branding Benefits (building brand credibility and brand awareness).
  • 7. Easy-to-Interpret Reporting.

Polus Media’s reports are itemized and comprehensible. We always welcome our clients’ ideas and questions.

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