Pop up advertising network

Pop-Up is an ad banner that pops up on top of the page you are viewing. The user cannot interact with the main content while the popup ads network banner is open. At the same time, closing a popunder ads banner or clicking on any of its areas often entail a transition to the advertiser’s site.

Internet marketers are sure that site visitors hate pop under ads, so they categorically exclude this lead generating tool from their practice. The data that pop-up windows increase conversion by an average of 30% looks like statistics from behind the looking glass. But it is a reality. And if you hate pop-ups, then you just do not know how to configure them. You need to find out when the “capture” window should appear, what to write in it and how it should look so that you become the king of pop-ups and beat your competitors.

Disadvantages of Pop-Up Advertising

  1. Popunder network interferes with viewing the main page, thus annoying users.
  2. Most modern browsers install special extensions that block all pop-up windows.
  3. According to a search engine research, almost all visitors close their Pop-Up ads without familiarizing themselves with the content.
  4. Banners are shown to all users, not the target audience. This strategy is much less effective than contextual advertising.
  5. Search engines impose sanctions and reduce in the issuance of sites on which pop-up windows appear.

Advantages of Pop-Up Advertising

The main advantage of this format is the low cost of accommodation. Depending on the site, the advertiser pays from 1 to 10 dollars for 1000 views. With a low budget, some people use pop-up ads for a start. This allows analyzing the campaign and getting the first profit. It is believed that pop-ups most effectively advertise consumer goods, online games, computer programs, and other software.

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