PPC advertising vs Programmatic Marketing

Let’s start the discussion Programmatic advertising is the form of PPC advertising and PPC is one of the crucial element that creates Programmatic advertising. Polus Media suggest that the future of advertising is all about Programmatic advertising. It includes any type of media purchasing audio, video or textual. We don’t believe that Programmatic advertising is all about RTB (Real-Time bidding). We do believe that in future there will be a huge demand for programmatic jobs and advertising than there is for PPC right now.

Programmatic marketing has seen an incredible rise in the upcoming market and lots of dollars spent on it in the last few years. That makes programmatic advertising the future of digital marketing.

Is PPC is failing?

Well, definitely not the case! You are going to find the need of PPC advertising and you are going to always need PPC experts as PPC is becoming more and more complex day by day and you cannot be able to handle all the things single-handedly on your own and you will need to have experts for remarketing, some for banner ads, some for display ads and still some for search purposes. We can see that automation is increasing day by day which will cause both the needs of PPC and programmatic advertising. Based on several facts we can say that PPC will be in high demand and playing an important role in the coming future.

Is PPC shifting to Programmatic itself?

As you know that PPC is an auction in which first 10 bidders gaining positions on the search results probably on the 1st page. But in Programmatic case, it is also auction based but here you either win the banner spot from all others or you don’t win anything. You can say that PPC automation is fairly related to programmatic and you can combine it with display ads and through that, you can target base on interests or any other type of targeting tacts can be used available to you at the time.

Does Programmatic marketing and PPC meet at a point?

Yes, you can say that it can meet at a point like on a campaign where the main focus is on brand awareness or the brand itself. Google provides you with an excellent manual for how to optimize and Utilize Programmatic thinking and provides you with the essential steps that need to be taken at any cost for setting up a successful programmatic campaign. And when you combined it with PPC it

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