Power of PPC platform is one and big topic for discussion, but today we are going to talk about how to find best ones.

No, it is not the question, who is better Google, Facebook or Bing. There is something more important that big and busy bosses often forget.

You may get surprised, but wrong choice of a platform can seriously affect your team performance. All the mess can be easily hushed up ..just after asking your subordinates.

Use correct questions

Generally the platforms differ according to the needs one wish to cover, there a lot of multifunctional ones. A secret here is that technical or performance characteristics do not close all the issues.

Ask your team just 2 questions:

1. What in our PPC platform makes you feel exhausted (crashes your spirit)?
2. What in our PPC platform is the biggest waste of time for you?

It is better not to leave the field blank, but to provide the question with the options like:
Bids handling;
Protection of the brand;
CRO etc.

And, of course, always ask why your workers feel this or that point time-consuming or spirit-crashing.

After getting the answers you will see the platforms you can pay attention to.

It is an often case, when something consumes my time too much, it can be a reason of my soul frustration.

No way to please everybody

At the end of your investigation and applying new PPC platforms you may finally see that only some people get stuck with reports, or only a small part would like to take CRO tests but they don’t feel enough energy for it.

Main aim for all this activity is to automate boring, routine or low-performance tasks.

It only seems, that one new platform is almost the same your company works for a year, but even small changes in data processing, the process itself can significantly imply on your team performance.

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