Programmatic vs Traditional Media Buying

We all are living in a technologically advanced era which is evolving day by day and renewed day by day. With all these developments there is some more things are changing and that is customer’s purchasing behaviors and expectations. Their expectations are also changing and evolving as time passes. Next generation of communication tools are rapidly penetrating our lives and they have also changed our media consumptions habits. We can see that we have become consuming media quickly as compared to the past years from multiple channels.

In this article, Polus Media will discuss the tradition ad buying and programmatic ad buying approaches to help you understand them better.

We can tack Traditional advertising from the back of 18th century and it was quite effective for brands to sell their own products and reach their right audience with the help of the inventions like the radio and televisions for many years or you can say for many centuries. Anyhow as more people have shifted to internet to get their news, entertainment, stream videos, social media and searching for different products and services it has led to a serious decrease of consumers consuming the traditional media.

Does Programmatic advertising matters?

Before programmatic ad buying digital ads were used to be bought and sold by human ad buyers and salesperson and that was obviously expensive and unreliable. But when programmatic advertising came to the market it spread immediately as it promises to make the ad-buying process more efficient and cheaper than traditional ad buying as it removes humans from the entire process wherever it is possible.

From many years we have been talking a lot about what is programmatic ad buying and why it is more beneficial than the traditional ad buying along with the theories that why to adopt programmatic ad buying and how it has disturbed the concept of traditional media buying but the question remains the same that “what exactly is programmatic media buying? ” and why it is better than traditional ad buying and how it differs from it.

Programmatic advertising:

  • Ads are bought and sold in a digitally automated manner through software.
  • It is fast and accurate. It reduces human effort from the process.
  • It is fairly less expensive.
  • It uses Real-Time bidding mechanism.
  • Ads are traded in terms of precision.
  • Cost of the ads is based on the need basis.
  • It is an automated process having all the data consolidated into single-dashboard.
  • It enables specific targeting.
  • It makes the whole process transparent.

Traditional Media Buying:

  • Ads are bought and sold in manually process by different ad buyers and publishers.
  • It is a very slow and tedious way to buy or purchase.
  • It can leads to human errors as it is a totally manual process.
  • It is very expensive as compare to Programmatic media buying process.
  • It is a manual process where the only way to buy ads from the seller.
  • It does not have any optimization until the project is complete.
  • It is limited when comes to targeting.
  • The process is less transparent
  • You cannot find where the money is being spent.

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