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Remarketing (of often referred as retargeting) in simple words is a technology of returning your customer back to you. There can be at least 3 variants:
1. a person was surfing your website, but has left because of his own reason;
2. those, who have made a conversion or lead;
3. people, who could have been your clients but skipped the process in the shopping cart as hidden payments appeared (shopping cart abandonment).

All these people could and should be worked with, retargeting campaigns are designed to pay their attention back to your products again.

Obviously, all the cases above should be considered using different retargeting ads.

Your brand awareness will increase if newcomers see an ad with your company in after a while. It will work as a kind reminder that a person was interested in something, why not to come back and finish bargain.

Second group deserves being shown a bit different ads to get them interested and make purchase again. Offer them discounts, coupons and similar things – loyalty is the best currency in this case.

Third case can be treated by sending letters (of course, if you have your customer’s emails) with the suggestions resolving why the cart was left. Discounts for next purchases can be offered, however it would be wiser to work directly with rejection reason. For instance, if the question was in too expensive delivery – make it free or offer to order 2 same items from the basket and pay for one.

Where to go or How remarketing services work?

Main function of any advertising platform is to take all the pain like allocation, publishers, interactions and other staff.

It would be honest to say that pricing directly affects the quality and scope of functions.

AdRoll is one of the most famous, but the most expensive platforms. Their cover near 98% of websites, even specific topics can be covered. So, your ad is quite likely to finds its customer.

It is really good that even small businesses can try remarketing platforms. Perfect Audience offers basic set of tools ideal for freshmen or those who have just come to the market. However, even a kid could cope with handling: just insert the code into a website and mark what types of visitors you are interested in.

If your company is a giant like Toyota, Fanta or Epam you might get interested in ReTargeter. The name of the platform is a good marketspeak – you don’t have to memorize too difficult and long names, isn’t it? They deal with tycoons and giants only. A family-run business can also participate, but one should be aware that a monthly fee is near $1,500.

Best practices in retargeting

1. Use individual approach
The reasons people come to your websites are pretty different: there are those who want to purchase as well those who simply wants to read your blogposts. Time of surfing, pages visited and other information can be a great source for making a particular message for each group.

2. How often you are going to remind about your company?
There are two opinions: to remind as much as possible or to do it gently taking into account how long ago it was since time of last visit. With the first approach you risk to become too irritating and intrusive. In second case you can politely remind of your presence as none knows when a person is ready to order from you.

3. Burn pixel is the power
It is a good technique not to offer goods or services to a person has just purchased it from you. Born pixel helps to offer another goods to your customer.

4. Be different
The truth is said, but after half a year your advertising campaign can be on the wane. Users are really good at banner blindness. Update your ads, think what more you can say to your audience.

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