Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamentally important tool for prosperous internet marketing campaigns.

To drive volumes of quality traffic to web pages one will definitely need SEO services. Site’s search engine ranking as well as “off-page” and “on page” strategies are to be created too in order to drive visitors to the website. That is how conversions, time on site and site traffic are to be improved and to influence your company’s online brand positively.

An SEO campaign is of no less important than, for example, website maintenance or setup tasks. These activities are complex and take months of work. Your SEO campaign is to be under the control of a highly-skilled account manager and our task-driven system guarantees will make your SEO investment as efficient as it can be possible.

Polus Media offers the following SEO services:

  • 1. Strategy development: Before tactical execution, we are going to ask lots of questions in order to make out your goals, services, key selling points and products, your competitors and many other things that can create a solid strategic background.
  • 2. SEO copywriting.
  • 3. Reporting: Polus Media’s reports are itemized and comprehensible. We always welcome our clients’ ideas and questions.
  • 4. Local SEO.
  • 5. Keyword research: Our professionals focus on the conduction of accurate keyword researches. All the subtleties applied to a campaign help us to ramp up it quickly.
  • 6. Lead generation SEO.
  • 7. Graphic design: Textual content must be supported by a visual one. That is why design features (for example, infographics) will be made by our talented graphic designers to attract potential clients and to strengthen the conversion and the link-building powers.
  • 8. Enterprise SEO.
  • 9. E-commerce SEO.
  • 10. Content marketing: Our experience in edition and writing team-members will create the content of high quality for your website.
  • 11. Consulting: Our professionals are always glad to provide you with a consultation either on your current or planned SEO campaign by 6C Marketing.
  • 12. Competitive research: Such researches are carried out at all stages of a campaign as competitors must be surveyed thoroughly.
  • 13. Front/back-end development.
  • 14. Analytics: To revenue generation results we must collect and interpret all the essential data.
  • 15. Editing.

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