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White paper or an eBook is still a new kind of thing – white paper advertising has recently appeared in the market and few people only know that whitepaper marketing is a very effective marketing tool.

White papers marketing is something like a free brochure containing non-promotional information that is valuable to its target audience. White paper is most often found in PDF format, from 5 to 30 pages in length and laid out on the site for download. As a rule, such a brochure is created around a certain way of solving the immediate problem of the client. Marketing white papers can be of absolutely any subject, starting with how to increase sales using the Internet and ending with how to properly paint the fence.

For reference: white paper is a classic name, now these things are increasingly called eBooks. In fact, the only difference is that eBooks provide information in a less formal and friendlier way than white papers and often have a colorful design. Why spend so much energy on what is distributed for free, you will say. There’s a meaning! Leading companies around the world have long armed themselves with this tool. And this is why it is needed:

  • White paper helps establish “acquaintance” with a new visitor to your site, it attracts the attention with valuable information, and lays the groundwork for future dialogue
  • “Sucks into” the sales funnel, as you can ask to leave your personal data or offer to subscribe to the newsletter for downloading this document
  • Good White paper can become viral, which can significantly increase traffic to your site and generally make you famous.

Perhaps every entrepreneur and marketer often had the following thoughts:

“If clients knew and understood this, then they would have not had questions about how we are better than competitors and why we are more expensive” or “If they knew and understood this, then it would be much easier to work with them”.

“This” can be a theme for your White paper. In other words, with the help of such a tool, you can prepare a client in advance for communication and work with you. After all, the client will already know about your ideology, how you solve problems etc. Such a marketing tool is particularly relevant now, when customers prefer to figure it out for themselves before contacting the seller.

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