Will QR code work in 2020?

QR code has been around since ages and its applications have been growing drastically especially after 2017 when Apple announced iOS 11 update allowing users to scan the QR code right from the mobile camera.

This game-changing feature was a pure genius and it took the applications of QR code to the next level by adding a level of ease to the user. Today, the latest Android phones also have a QR scanner available as a native feature. But is QR code going to die in 2020?

Well, the answer is Absolutely Not! Though there are various alternatives now available for QR code, QR code and scanning are not going to get anywhere in the upcoming years and we’ll be covering the reasons why is it so later in the article. Some of the most popular alternatives of QR code are NFC’s, Beacons, and Geofencing.

Applications of QR codes

There are many applications of QR code. The most popular ones include initiating customer service, downloading apps, network access without a password, making online payments and using eCommerce. According to a study, more than 11 million households in the US will be using QR codes by 2020.

Another application of QR code is to improve customer’s post-purchase experience by facilitating them to reorder the product using QR code or link to details about the product via QR code (including video tutorials on how to use the product the right way).

QR codes can also be used to generate massive leads by allowing users and customers to sign up for loyalty programs and subscribe to newsletters and then collecting their valuable feedback on how to make the product more improved.

Is QR code staying in 2020?

The short answer is: 100% yes! And here are the reasons why:

Scanning A QR Code is easy

The increased consumer awareness and ease of use with mobile devices have made QR code applications popular in the market. Famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have all incorporated QR code scanning with their apps so user ls can follow accounts by simply scanning the code.

QR Codes at retail outlets promote experiential shopping experience 

QR codes are widely being used by different brands at their retail outlets to provide consumers with an experiential shopping experience.

House of Innovation 000, a flagship store of Nike, uses QR codes at the outlet to facilitate Nike Plus Members having Nike mobile app installed on their devices and give them an experience that is truly unmatched. The app rewards members on entering the store and it is a great way to earn customer loyalty.

The store also has a ‘Scan To Try’ feature available that allows consumers to scan mannequins and have store assistants bring the right color and size to them in the fitting rooms. For customers who do not have the Nike app installed on their devices, there are QR codes available on the walls of the store for them to scan and download the Nike application.

Nike Instant Checkout is a feature that uses QR codes to allow checking out from their mobile phones and avoid long waiting lines.

QR codes are Important on Packaging

QR codes are seen to be an important part of packaging (especially food items) in 2020. Study shows that almost one-third of a customer’s decision making is derived from the packaging of the product.

Creating a packaging that attracts everyone from the target audience irrespective of the age group is a challenging task and QR codes are the answer to this struggle.

QR codes allow users to scan and see the details of the product including expiry date and details about ingredients that customers can have a look at before making a purchase. Lately, it has become a very famous practice for manufacturers to put QR codes on the packaging of their products.

2020 sees QR codes to be Colorful

Instead of the conventional black and white style, 2020 will bring QR codes that are more attractive, colorful and more intriguing. QR codes are now able to be customized with different colors, logos, and shapes to grab the customer’s attention. It allows customers to see what they are scanning for beforehand.

Apart from the look and feel, QR codes can be dynamic as well. Businesses nowadays don’t have to change the QR code on promotions or campaigns. Whenever a new deal or discount is introduced. Static QR codes have paved the way for dynamic QR codes and have taken advertising and marketing campaigns to a whole new level.

QR codes have given new meaning to conventional marketing

Digital marketing has boomed drastically due to one very important reason: to measure and keep track of performance and statistical data. This tracking has always been one of the most desirable wants of marketers but unfortunately, with traditional marketing, it was just a dream of marketers to know where the campaign is going and how future campaigns must be designed in order to gain the maximum benefit from the marketing campaigns.

With the help of QR codes, marketers can keep track of the number of QR scans and gather details of important statistics and get insights into important details, hidden risks and potential reasons for the failure of the marketing campaign. In short, QR codes can be used at the store level to display the latest deals and promotions and when used at the product level, it can be used to make products more interactive and interesting.

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