Cookie Policy

Specifications on cookies and related technologies used by Polus

The Polus company utilizes cookies and related technologies for the reasons listed below. They give a possibility to remember users’ likes and preferences. This enables the company to provide our customers with the most relevant information regarding the products which are or may be of any interest to them and the situation on the market. Thus, cookies help to customize the information for each particular user taking into consideration their specific interests.
Using our site implies that you confirm that you are aware of and agree to our cookie policy. In case you do not, please check the necessary setting options in your browser and stop using it.

What are cookies and related technologies?

Website operators widely utilize cookies to improve the site performance, to analyze its effectiveness and to maintain the site in general. Typically, a cookie is a small file containing figures and letters. Cookies are saved on your device via which you access the site (either your PC, or tablet, or smartphone, etc).

Cookies are divided into several types, each of them has their own functional features:

• “Strictly Necessary” cookie files. These files enable to utilize our site in full, thus they are significant. In case you refuse from them, that will influence the operational productivity of the site, as they help it to function properly. Basically, you can’t use it without them. Thus, they are significant. They do not recognize your person though, they link only to your device.

• “Performance” cookie files. Files of this type give an idea how the site is actually used: what pages visitors prefer, what information they look for, how much time they spend on the site. Such files also report on issues with connectivity and errors. They collect the information about users’ preferences, analyze it and improve advertisements selecting those which are the most important and interesting to every particular user.

They do not possess identification properties, however, so all the obtained information is anonymous. As their name suggests, their task is to enhance the site performance.

• “Functionality” cookie files. These cookies record the data about the way users log in, log out, what pages they view and how much time they spend on the site. You can turn these cookie files off, yet doing so, you limit the site functional properties as well as influence accessing it in general.

• “Targeting” cookie files. These cookies store information on visiting the site pages and linking to advertisements you are interested in. We try to customize our content for every particular viewer and provide the most relevant information for them by remembering their preferences. That implies that these cookies will “instruct” us what advertisements may be important to you and offer the content in a corresponding way.

Acting likewise, Polus and its service providers involve informative portals of any kind dealing with data analyses and marketing researches to process these data. That means that you may be offered to view additional adverts concerning the product which stirred your interest on all our sites. We may share the obtained data with third parties processing analytic data to estimate the productivity of adverts and to make corrections if needed.

The tasks of the cookies files used by Polus:

• To simplify the process of collecting information regarding website views.
• To handle orders and the estimate the time of their processing.
• To adjust the advertisements shown during visits to each particular user, thus improving our site productivity.
• To increase the site functionality.
• To make finding the relevant information easier.
• To check the number of views and the ways they are done – to get to know what our users need and to provide the necessary content.

What is the time a cookie is kept on my PC or smartphone?

Different cookies are stored on PCs for different periods of time. Most cookies are temporary and don’t last for long. Typically, they are deleted as soon as you close your browser. Yet, there are “permanent” cookies which may stay on your device up to 1 month.
Usually, these are those used for advertising purposes. The site utilizes this type of cookies for various purposes. They help us to define the frequency of our users’ visits, the way they view our site and to see if their interests change in the course of time. This way, they enable us to decide if the advertisements we display are effective or not.

Who sends cookies to my PC or smartphone?

Cookies may be installed on your device either by our site authorities or other resources which are entitled to do so. The cookie files by Polus are called “first-party” cookies. In the case with empowered participants, these are “third-parties” cookies.

Polus and third-parties which are granted the right to place cookies on the users’ PCs apply cookies with the same aim. They are used to collect general and specific information about the ways and tools with the help of which visitors access the site. These data include specifying the operating system, browser, URL address, transactions completed through the site. The goal of such data collecting is to analyze the ways people connect to the site and thus to provide possibilities which will be the most beneficial for its users.
The given technology enables to count the site views and how they are linked to the site. Apart from that, cookies give general statistics for analytical reasons in order to improve the way advertisements work on it by adjusting them to the users’ preferences as specified below.

How does the internet or mobile advertising work?

Polus conducts advertising campaigns in cooperation with the third-parties, our partners. Our objective is to personalize ads content which you may need as your manner of the site usage shows. The third-parties activities are beyond the competence of our company. We are also not responsible for their politics.
Advertising is based on the analytics of your interests which are revealed in the way people visit the site, the fact either our clients link to adverts or not, the way they interact with us reading emails, what particular pages they scroll down. Their geographical location is taken into consideration as well.
These advertisements may be shown either on our own site or the sites of our partners. Basically, the adverts which are displayed personally for each our visitor, are the result of your manner of the site usage (pages, time of usage, actions, etc).

How to control and operate cookies?

Typically, cookies are received by browsers automatically. If you want to alter the settings which regulate cookie files, you can always check the browser for instructions. Following these instructions, you may block them or select which of them you want to disable.
Be sure to take the necessary steps to do everything correctly. Bear in mind, that without them, the site won’t function properly and you won’t get any personal information. In case you utilize multiple devices, test if the site is accessed with no errors and can receive the cookie files sent from