What we do for you

Without a doubt, at the moment there are lot of online agencies that offer nice options to their clients. We can ensure you that in the field of online marketing you won’t find a better and reliable partner. We have a lot of different publishers that might be interesting for you. Our system offers nice flexibility and full access to ROI optimization. You will receive the best offers from all around the world. Without a doubt, you will have the fastest approval process with us.

World Wide Traffic
Any traffic that you would like and in any country in the world – we can give it to you with nice volumes and quality.
Our company offers 24/7 support to all our clients, just try to get in touch with us and we’ll answer all your questions about online needs.
Targeting options
With our self-serve desk you can find all the filters to your online campaign. You can choose among browsers, audience, devices etc.
Business models
Polus Media offers all available advertising models – CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA etc. We’ll help you to start the best model that will help you in you.
Time frames
The best way to optimize your traffic is to know the exact time when your customers are online.
Fast payout
We can agree on quick payout for all your campaigns which you will start. The payout starts only from 100$.
Personal help
Polus Media will give you a chance to have your personal account manager that will help you at any questions while starting.
Ad for advertisers
We can use your ads to start the campaign with the lowest rates in advertising.