Polus Media is an internet marketing company that provides businesses of any size with online marketing answers.

Our clients trust us because they are sure in our team of creative, talented industry experts who can provide you with data-driven approach to online advertising and marketing that will satisfy you.

Our Team

Our team is self-motivated and disciplined. They are very talented and creative professionals who have enough passion to their work to inspire their clients. Recruits are supposed to fit our cultural beliefs and values, so it takes care and time to find the best ones, but they are with us. Everyone in our team is supposed to be attentive to details, resourceful and creative. Innovation and definitely teamwork are demanded too. Not putting others before yourselves, childishness as well as immaturity are not tolerated. We improve ourselves all the time and constantly strive to perfection. We are our own strict critics.

You are welcome to be a part of us!

Our Values

All aspects of business including decision-making, attitude and behavior are based on the values our team-member share. In order to achieve set goals our internet marketing company follows these values that express our culture and define the behavior and mentality.

We know that everyone should provide support for another as collaborate and mutual respect are really important. That means that each member of the team has a voice regardless of position or rank. We believe that perfection is in details. That is why we pay them special attention, alertness and concentration.

We consider that our fellow workers should maintain both physical and mental wellness, should have balanced life.

We concentrate on positive growth starting with personal development of our team-members, team-growth in general and finishing with company growth.

We never stop meeting our clients’ needs. You can be sure that our professionals always try to achieve results beyond that you could ever think to be possible!