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Video Advertising Platform

Video ad platforms are a new wave in the development of modern marketing. The users prefer applying the devices with the screens, which raises the necessity to create corresponding types of adverts. In the world of the digital market, online video advertising became a dominant force.

Video advertising platform and the reasons for its popularity

Digital video ads allow building relations between the buyers and a definite brand or product. Regardless of the type of resource, video adverts are usually a part of the marketing strategy for any company. You can see them on companies’ websites, social media platforms, news, etc.

Video content is presented in various forms. There might be:

  • educational
  • advertising
  • entertaining videos, etc.

The business owners know that video helps engage the audience on a more substantial level. If you understand the importance of online video in the modern era, you have a chance to promote your business in a more effective way. Let’s consider several reasons for the relevance of video advertising platforms among the users:

  • the growing number of Internet users watching online video (for instance, in 2017, their number grew by 19%, and it keeps increasing today)
  • high competition rate (according to the statistics, in 2017, it reached 69%)
  • short and substantial content (the users do not have to spend too much time reading hundreds of words, which almost always make them bored)
  • naturalness (video has already become a part of the Internet content, so the users even expect to see it on various websites)
  • universality (such type of advert can work for any kind of company disregarding of the product/service promoted).

How to make a creative video for digital advertising platform?

Creating video for advertising, it is required to follow certain rules. Consider several recommendations, which might help you make effective content and win the video advertising war:

  • Make the video as short as possible: certain social media have limits. For example, for Snapchat, the time of the video should be up to 10 seconds, while Facebook allows a maximum of 15 seconds. Besides, the content should be substantial and give all the necessary information to a potential consumer. Moreover, according to the research, 10-second videos have the most effect on Millennials.
  • Targeted content: creating videos for both PCs and smartphones make sure they are well targeted. In order to maximize the impact of advertising, the videos must be relevant and enjoyable for the audience.
  • Create several versions of the video: you can make four videos to test their effectiveness. In this case, it is also better to prefer shorter ones as it is much easier to create several videos lasting 10 seconds than several ones, which last 30 seconds.
  • Prepare a detailed plan: to do it right, it is necessary to spend enough time and money. Consider the purposes of the advertising campaign and select the appropriate combination of media.
  • Know your customer: find out as much information as possible and then select appropriate words, features of the product required to mention, etc.
  • Look at the example of the competitors: with the help of them, you can find effective topics for the video as well as digital video platforms.
  • Consider the playing of the video on mobiles: note that the majority of users will watch your advert on their portable devices. So it’s better to make the video appropriate for such gadgets.

Types of video content

There exist various kinds of video, which you can create for promotion:

  • outstream video (it is often called ‘native video’: the video is integrated into the page content and auto-played as soon as the visitor scrolls it. It pauses if the user scrolls away)
  • micro-video (this is a short video, which has the aim to attract attention and leave an impression. Here there’s no need to tell everything about your brand, just tell something interesting about it in your video)
  • traditional video (this is usually a 30-second video, which is similar to the TV ad).

Popular advertisement platforms

There are lots of advertising platforms offering the placement of video content. Let’s consider the most popular of them:

Digital video solutions & their advantages

The application of advert platforms for video ads offers lots of benefits for both advertisers and publishers:

  • better conversion rates
  • an increase in brand awareness
  • more opportunities for monetization
  • better targeting
  • the effective attraction of the users
  • more frequent sharing (especially when the video is interesting)
  • application on both PCs and mobiles
  • combination of information and education of the users
  • the benevolence of search engines (they love videos and put the sites with them higher in rankings)
  • possibility to give lots of information in a short video
  • a good storytelling format
  • better opportunities for analysis of the success (the biggest platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube offer the features helping evaluate the performance of your content).

Thus, video adverts are a part of modern marketing, which keeps growing.