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Programmatic Display Advertising Platform

Programmatic display advertising is a part of the programmatic approach, which has recently become popular in modern marketing and keeps developing. Today there are plenty of adverts, which can even seem annoying to the users. The key reason for it is the wrong choice of channels for content consumption.

What is a display ad? The essence of programmatic display ads

To understand the issue, we should first know: what is digital display advertising? Any display ads are a special kind of advertising, which directly resonate with people. Display advertising solutions are created in order to have an impact on the emotions by means of visualization application. The creation of such an advert type requires precision and good targeting in order to reach the desired audience in the most effective way.

Concerning the programmatic display ads, it is required to say about this approach in general. The main idea of it is based on automation. Considering the information collected about the user (including location, preferences, and other data), the automated system (which works on special algorithms) shows the corresponding adverts. Thus, we can consider the following process of programmatic digital display ad work:

  • the Internet user starts his/her search on the Internet
  • in accordance with the definite targeting options, display advertising finds the Internet user
  • a certain type of programmatic display ad is shown to the user on the targeted gadget
  • the Internet user visits the website of the product/company.

Thus, the programmatic approach made a revolution in the process of buying and selling of display adverts. The deals are made by means of real-time bidding platforms. As a result, the advertisers control their adverts via demand-side platforms, while the publishers manage their inventory via supply-side platforms.

What is programmatic display advertising? Its categories

There exist various types of digital display advertising. Let’s consider the most effective and profitable of them:

  • Programmatic banner ads: it is a static advertising format, which is considered the cheapest. The adverts of such type are purchased by means of the Advert Exchangers. Thus, the users can experiment with various creative solutions and even use a UTM banner self-service and UTM tags. The latest allow tracking traffic, which comes to your site from a definite platform. For instance, you want to place your ad on Facebook. Adding UTM tags, you can track the users who click on a post, and see how they interact with the site.
  • Rich media: in this category, we are speaking about in-banner videos with or without sound, which have various interactive elements. They are usually shown on the top of the site page. Similar to the in-stream videos, they might be pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. This type of advertising is very effective if you want to raise the awareness of your brand and increase the engagement of the users. The latest are able to interact with such a kind of advert, which makes them more interested and involved.
  • Video adverts: this type of advertising is extremely effective and popular among advertisers. It is connected with the fact that in a short video, it is possible to add lots of important details concerning the product or service (compared to any text variations of ads, which can make the users bored). By means of video adverts, it is possible to tell a brand story and make a big impression. Compared to any static formats of display advertising, it looks natural and attractive. Moreover, the majority of users already expect to see videos on various websites.
  • Native display adverts: this variation of the advert is often referred to as recommended content. Compared to the other types of ads, which look separate from the content of the page, the advertising process of native ads is built in a way, which is native/natural to a certain environment. Native adverts include such variations as in-feed units, promoted listings, recommendation widgets, sponsored content, etc. The advertisements are similar to the general website look. Thus, they do not interfere with the experience of the users on a definite site. As a result, this kind of advert can provide real customer value.
  • Connected TV adverts: in this case, we mean the TV, which can be connected to the Internet. As a result, it can demonstrate the content, which is beyond what is available via the normal offering from your provider. Besides, this type of ad concerns other gadgets, which apply TV as a monitor and can have access to the Internet content (here we can speak about mobile display advertising as well). This variation mostly concerns the TV ads, which are streamed on the Internet. It is a great opportunity for the advertisers, as the popularity of CTV keeps growing. It gives an opportunity for much more accurate targeting, thus, allowing reaching the audience in a more effective way.

There are also other variations of programmatic display adverts, which become more and more popular in the modern world. Among them, there are Billboards, Sliders, Filmstrips, Sidekicks, and Portrait Pushdowns. They are highly praised by IAB. The latest is the advertising bureau, which works in order to make the media and marketing industries prosper in the digital economy.

Display advertising platforms and their advantages

There exist plenty of display advertising platforms, like Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube etc.

All of them support display advertising and work as ad management platforms. They provide lots of benefits for both advertisers and publishers, which are as follows:

  • automation of the process of ad inventory purchase
  • adjustable settings (such as placement, targeting, budget, and other specification)
  • relevant inventory
  • higher revenues from the ad placement (thanks to the broader bidding opportunities and maximization of inventory value)
  • better engagement of the audience (thanks to the visual display ad format)
  • the possibility of analysis of the advertising campaign, its effectiveness, and profitability.

Thus, we can conclude that programmatic display advertising is a modern way to attract more target audience to the brand, product or service. Understanding the rules of ad creation and placement, you can raise the trust of the user and get much more profit from the advertising.