Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Polus (further “The Company”) is dealing with online advertising. To implement its objectives, the Company utilizes its “Polus technology”.

Polus cooperates with Advertisers (further “The Clients” giving them access to its platform with the right to place their advertisements which are viewed by the users and the Advertisers’ potential customers. The Company holds the right to collect non-identifying personal data in the frameworks of its advertising activities.

Polus stands for protecting the privacy of its Users. In this respect, the Company establishes its Privacy Policy to recognize its Users’ privacy. It concerns the types of information analyzed, its protection and the option to turn off the cookies which collect data on the usage.

Polus’ Privacy Policy is specified by the Regulations hereinafter.

1. The Company shall inform its Users regarding the data it collects, its basic principles, types, and quantity.

Polus does not handle the Users’ personal data unless they provided this data themselves so that Polus could reach them to reply to their queries.

2. Information on the Users.

In the frameworks of its advertising campaigns, Polus is authorized to collect anonymous data as to the technical aspects of the Users’ equipment (the OS, browser, language, URL-addresses, service provider, etc).
The information listed above is for statistical reasons only.

3. Cookie files.

Cookies are small files which help to know users’ choices. They are sent from Polus server to their Users’ PCs or smartphones during browsing sessions. That makes it possible to find out and recognize the User’s preferences to adjust displaying adverts for their personal interests. You may turn off this option anytime.

The Company’s partners may possess their client database with certain personal information. They use it for targeted advertising aims only.

4. Why does Polus need information on its Clients?

– statistic analysis
– targeted ads
– improved services
– enhanced site functionality and operational capability

5. Confidentiality

The Company does not pass any obtained data on their visitors but for advertising and only to partners acting on its behalf. The cases when disclosing this information is stipulated by the effective law, fall out from typical regulations.
Polus does not copy the details of its Clients’ credit cards. All payments are protected with encryption and are processed via certified payment services. All payment operations are completed in compliance with its users’ safety and the current legislation of the US.

6. “Opt-Out” function

The Clients may choose not to grant their consent to install cookies which send information regarding them to the site. This is enabled via the “Opt-out” function.