Terms of Use

The polus.media site is an advertising platform.

Using the site (during the trial period too), the Clients of Polus automatically confirm that they approve the established Regulations. If one disagrees to the Terms highlighted below they are strictly recommended to leave the site.

The given Terms are guidelines for every particular user. Polus may alter them choosing not to inform its clients personally via any communication channel but posting updates on the site. If a User proceeds further, it implies that they are aware of any possible changes.


To be able to register on polus.media and to create an account, a person shall be at least 18 years old or if a person is a resident of a country which laws enable them to use the site services once reaching a certain age. Having an account on polus.media, an individual confirms that they will act in compliance with the effective Terms. An account owner is solely responsible for any activities which are performed on the account. A person representing a legal body is considered to be its legal representative.

Creating an account involves email addresses. To log in will require a password, contact and payment details. Registering on the site, one confirms that they do that on their own and no other person can access their email. By no means should the Users communicate the password to third parties. In case somebody has got access to your password or account, you should inform the site authorities instantly. The Clients of Polus shall keep all private information for the site access strictly confidential.
The Company leaves the right not to accept some usernames which they consider inappropriate without any explanation.
In case of any rule violation, the account will be deleted and registration cancelled.

Polus is empowered to cancel your account or limit your access. The ground is a breach of the current provisions of the given Terms of Use such payment issues, lack of proofs for verification and identification, etc. That way, the Users’ actions are recognized as fake and threatening the site safety or the safety of its clients.


Interactive reports are issued once per month. In other cases, the used traffic is measured applying common practices.

The interactions on polus.media are subjected to the effective law of the United States.

The limited license of use:

The polus.media Users are entitled to utilize the site for advertising. Other commercial activities are prohibited. Advertisers can’t pass their license to other persons. The use of license is limited by its term.

The Company holds the right to terminate it if the User violates any of the regulations pursuant to the mentioned Terms, not necessarily informing about its decision.

Polus holds other rights not mentioned hereof.

Rules and restrictions:

Registering implies confirming that they acknowledge the following:

• The statistics compiled by polus.media may be reviewed in the case of error handling, incorrect clicks, etc.) Typically, the statistic data are calculated several times per day.

• The Users are to inform us via email about their intention to close the current account;

• The Users’ payment activities are communicated via posts on the site or emails to the Users.

Account holders confirm:

• To not violate any rules specified on the site.

• To act in compliance with the effective laws regulating marketing activities concerning finances and advertising, competition as well as protecting the basic human rights (discrimination on any aspect).

• Not to participate in any prohibited economic activities or frauds (pyramid schemes, counterfeit goods, chain letters, etc).

• Not to break regulations regarding patents, licenses, rights of intellectual property as well as a person’s privacy.

• Not to disclose confidential data, to ulfill the liabilities to the site;

Advertisers are to delete their products if they:

• contain information contradicting the current law and could be regarded as violent, threatening, pornographic;

• violate or humiliate human rights;

• are confusing or incorrect in any way.


• Collect personal data of other Users unless they give their consent for that to do so, and use this information for commercial purposes including marketing ones.

• Post materials conveying sexual services or any others which is restricted to a certain age group.

• Enhance clicks in any fake way (either manual or automated).

• Create a new account on polus.media if the old one was deleted as breaching the site policy.

• Falsify the content in order to disguise the sources of information published on polus.media.

• Alter the site technologies and software, try to derive polus.media source code and produce a similar resource based on the data obtained while accessing the site.

• Damage, distort or destroy the site software and hardware by means of viruses.


Any information posted on polus.media, its design and graphics solely belongs to Polus and is protected by proprietary rights. Copying or reproducing it in any way is illegal and shall be punished by the applicable law.

Advertisement content

Polus does not verify the content posted by the Advertisers. They are to check the information for errors or quality prior to publishing themselves. Advertisers are solely to blame for the errors or risks related to their advertisements.

Links to External websites

Polus.media content may include links to external sites. The Company is not responsible for the content or activities of the third parties sites. You may choose not to follow the links to the external sites and acknowledge that viewing the content offered via such links may involve certain risks.


The Users are obliged to refund all losses suffered by Polus resulting from improper use of the site or programs, usage of the site for the purposes contracting its policy, violation of the Terms of Use Agreement.

Payments Policy

The Users of the polus.media site shall specify their real first and last name in their account. This name will be used for payments and should coincide with the name on the bank card holder. Any discrepancies will result in denying the payment request. Polus won’t pay off to the third parties.

Payments to the Webmasters (Publishers) are transferred on a weekly basis to their bank accounts or cards. The minimum payoff equals USD 20, the available payment currencies are USD or EUR. If the sum is insufficient, it will be added to the next payment period. The Company may change payment periods at its own accord. Polus is not responsible for delays in payment processing by banks. Bank commissions are paid by the recipient if there are any.

The Webmasters’ conduct and activities should correspond to Polus’ policy. In case of misconduct payments maybe delayed, rejected or deducted to fine for misconduct. The request should be sent from the contact email indicated while registering, other emails won’t be taken into consideration. In case the User changes the contact email address, this should be communicated to the site via the contact email 3 days prior to the due date.

Polus is not responsible for paying off taxes from the payments received from the site by the Webmasters. The Webmasters are solely responsible for that. In some cases, tax documentation should be provided.

The Polus company bears responsibility for statistics and payment calculations.

Refund policy

The Advertisers may demand refunds. They are to contact the site in writing if their situation is covered by the cases listed below:

• Their advertisement campaign has not started due to legal issues, improper quality of publishing materials or other reasons which the Company finds suitable.

• In case the Advertisers find it necessary to break the campaign, they should contact the site in writing notifying about their intention to close the advertisements and to interrupt the campaign.

Refund will cover only unused money. It is estimated on the basis of the polus.media statistics.

The request shall be made from the contact email which was used during registration only.

In the cases of the Terms of Use violations, all refund requests will be rejected.


Polus bears no responsibility for interruptions due to the site maintaining issues. The Company holds the right to limit the Webmasters’ access to their accounts or block them from using the site if it suspects them of breaking the rules featured in the site policy. In this case, all payments will be halted as well.

The only valid statistics is one provided by polus.media reporting system.

Force majeure

The Parties shall not be liable for any failures to fulfill their obligations regarding their interactions on polus.media due to circumstances which do not depend on them in the cases of force majeure: nature calamities of any kind (floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes), accidents, political actions, wars, strikes and other circumstances beyond their control.

Polus may make amendments or alter the current Terms of Use. They become effective once published on the site. All users are supposed to check the site regularly for updates in its policy.