Types of targeting strategy vary. Consider the main types of target markets differences and concepts.

Types of the target audience are direct and indirect. Direct targeting is aimed at choosing an audience that is directly interested in the advertised product or service.

Indirect targeting is aimed at the part of the audience that is indirectly related to the advertised type of goods and services.

The main types of targeting

  1. Thematic types of targeting – display of advertising and informational messages on sites that are suitable for the content of the advertising on the subject. Most often, this type of targeting is used in teaser ads, where you can set the theme.
  2. Contextual types of target marketing strategies – demonstration of advertisements in accordance with the interests of visitors to the site where the ad is located.
  3. Geo-targeting – advertising is shown to users selected by geographic parameters: limited to a region specified by the advertiser.
  4. Socio-demographic targeting – a selection of visitors by age, gender, social status, education, etc. Often it is used in social networks, for example, on Facebook.
  5. Behavioural targeting – the essence of behavioural targeting is to gather information about the user’s actions: movement on the Internet, favourite sites, ways to pay for purchases, etc.
  6. Time targeting is a focus on user time preferences, for example, showing ads only in the mornings or evenings, on weekends or on holidays. This is reasonable and convenient because some companies do not work on weekends, so it makes no sense to show their ads on weekends.
  7. Display targeting — this type of targeting allows you to set the number of shows to a single user.
  8. Local targeting – advertising is shown to users who are within a radius of 900 meters — 15 kilometres. Starting in 2014, hyper-local targeting is also used – setting up advertising on user devices located at a certain point on the ground. The radius of the zone can be any.
  9. Mobile targeting is an actual type of selection of the target audience that uses the Internet from mobile devices.

Mobile ads are short text (or text-graphic blocks) that are displayed when using search engines using a mobile device.

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