Advertising Challenges in 2020 And How Can We Overcome Them

There are some serious challenges digital advertising is facing these days. As the advertising landscape is expanding every day, digital marketers and agencies are finding it hard to keep up. If you don’t plan accordingly to overcome these challenges, you are sure to end up fighting an uphill battle, barely making the progress you want to make. But, how do you plan and prepare yourself for these challenges and obstacles if you have no idea what these challenges are? And what the consequences of ignoring the red flag associated with them could be? We are here to help you understand these challenges, so you can make the best decision for your brand.

Here are the biggest challenges the advertising industry is facing right now:

1. Exponential And Rapid Growth

The digital marketing landscape keeps growing exponentially. With the rapid growth in online websites, it can be challenging to decide where to place your ad. You have to find new websites, evaluate them and design your advertising strategies accordingly.
The internet is not the only digital game anymore. We observe a growing number of personal assistants, smart devices, Augmented Reality, and even Virtual Reality coming into the digital landscape. Discovering new avenues for digital marketing and developing strategies to make the most of them is another challenge that can take extensive resources and time.
Using tools to optimize ads can help you in overcoming this challenge. Use these tools to place your ads on the right website and make sure your ad reaches the target audience. It will take the burden off your shoulders to do the research and will save your time and money, hence giving you a high return on your investment.

2. Ad blockers

Another big obstacle in digital advertising, ad blockers are costing advertisers millions of dollars. These programs are designed so that no ad is even displayed on the screen, thus making the brand unable to convey its message to the users virtually and digitally. So, what do you do to overcome this obstacle? Well, Native Advertising is successfully getting around ad blockers.
Native advertising is a style of advertising via native ads. Native ads are designed to look like a website’s content or editorial and are less likely to trigger any ad blocking software algorithm. Along with this, native ads have a tendency to engage users who have a reflex to ignore ads.

3. Less Exposure

Social Media was heaven for marketers and advertisers, which used to give them platforms to reach their target audience for free but not anymore.
Tech social media giants are getting savvier every day in regards to what they do for the businesses on their sites. They are not giving milk for free anymore.
Brands are facing problems in even having the users who follow their page seeing their post. They have to pay to make their ads visible to the targeted audience. Social Media platforms are charging big money from brands to let them promote themselves.
In order to overcome this challenge, brands will have to pay more to social media giants in 2020 and also be smarter about how to make the most out of social media to promote their brand.

4. Ever-Increasing Costs

Brands are expected to increase the finances they allocate on digital marketing and advertising in 2020. One of the reasons for doing it is they are making bigger investments in other areas as well, but a part of this reason is that the ads are becoming more costly.
Webmasters are aware of the significance of their traffic, they know how much their traffic and audience is worth, and they are aware of the value of their social media influence. Therefore, smaller brands looking to make a bigger impact will have to bring more capital in.
The solution to this problem is to find smarter ways to spend your capital and not just throw all your money to solve one problem. Different tools can be used for this purpose. When the right ad comes before the right audience, at the right time and at the right place, the probability of ads getting the desired conversions goes up, resulting in brands making greater profits.

5. Elusive Audience

Another obstacle digital advertisers are to face in 2020 is an elusive audience. The consumers of today are more stretched than ever. They do not have as much disposable income as the generation before they had, still they work more than the generation before them and have a more demanding time schedule. To top it all, the internet is a constant assault on their senses, trying hard to grab their limited attention in every possible direction.
Most web users don’t even have time to watch a short introductory video of a brand, let alone reading a detailed article about it online. Brands are fighting and striving to grab the attention of their targeted audience and ways to engage them.
A great help in this regard is the process of segmentation which helped brands reach their target audience in an efficient way. Instead of creating ads meant for a general audience, which is quite large in number, brands are creating ads for specific, smaller chunks their audience is divided into. The ads are displayed to the specific chunk according to what they need, and this information comes from the research that the brand carries forward.
Brands must come up with smarter segmentation methods and strategies to overcome this problem. They need to be more aware of their audiences’ needs and come up with tailor-made marketing strategies to target them. This is the only way brands can make audiences interested in being their customers.

Final Word

2020 will come with its own advertising challenges as the digital landscape continues to grow. To overcome these challenges, creating only one general strategy cannot be helpful. Instead, advertisers must use technology to design specific strategies and implement them by doing research and staying one step ahead of the changes 2020 brings along.

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