Mobile App Ads Trands 2020

Have you ever wondered how many apps are loaded every year? We have calculated, and it seems that the amount will be 353 loadings by 2021. Do you feel the power of this number? Let’s confess, it is very impressing and no wonder that the demand in the area is quite high.

Obviously, the level of investments is also tremendous. Everybody starting from start-ups up to huge companies invest in the area quite willingly. The market expects to have something like 135 billion of dollars by 2021.

We suppose you are smart enough to invest in the area, too. But, it should be done very wisely. Mobile app ads trends are so changeable, so that one cannot use the same tricks two years in a row.

So, do you have any ideas what to do? What is your key recipe for advertising on apps?

Polusmedia has collected some ideas that will be important for 2020 – we are sure, you will see where the accent should be made.

Some words about technologies that started working before

Use your voices

Just because 90% of your clients already know about the technology and 72% of them have already used various voiced assistants. Amazon has already offered its clients to perform the whole buying procedure without their hands, other companies can do the same for sure.

The technology itself, however, raises up some problems of securities brand should quite seriously consider. Full transparency to the process should be developed, as well as understanding of whether voice searches were recorded or not.
Voice technology goes quite deeply in our lives and even TV remote control can be used for this purpose.

Augmented reality

We all know how difficult it is to attract people’s attention, but AR successfully does it. Attention is saved for more than 85 seconds and CTR level has also grown up to 34%.

Pepsi has tried their hand with the approach in London at the bus stop and showed them a tiger, a UFO and some other objects. The reaction was later published on YouTube and got over several billions of views with 36 000 of likes.

What about new ideas that just appear?

  • 5G official release. Online world will become definitely better and more secured.
  • Beacon technology. To say it simply, the technology will inform you when your clients with your app installed are nearby. Bluetooth is actively used for realization and the idea can be useful not only for shops, but hotels, beauty industries and so on.
  • Artificial intelligence continue being developed and integrated. Just imagine, the apps we use will become smarter, more than now. Distance calculation, behaviour analysis and even calling (Duplex solution), who knows what is the next option to make our life easier and more enjoyable.
  • Apps that do not require loading. Yes, Google offers not to waste your time and telephone space for apps loading and announced its immediate apps solution. Such approach provides people with options of full apps without installation and better performance in general.
  • High speed pages. Google and Twitter work hard to introduce AMP solution, so that the performance is higher and failure level is lower as users get better experience.
  • More, more chats. People are more willingly buy from those who can be contacted via WhatsApp or other messengers. In some we can say that WhatsApp and similars work on building personal connection with brand.
  • Visual search. No need to search the name of the brand or something like that when Google can find necessary thing just by an image a user will upload for search.
  • Stories to whet appetite. Everybody knows that content in stories will disappear very soon, so people will fee; additional value of your offers there.

To sum up, we can say that technologies have greatly changed our life that is especially felt during last few years and the stop is not expected. Users, in their turn, have become more experienced, and they want to have personalized and professional content – brands will have to work really hard.

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