5 ways to make money with advertising on your blog

Many would agree that blogging is one of the best ways to educate people. With it, you can share your useful knowledge and experience. However, many people do not even suspect that blogging is also an excellent ad platform opportunity to earn money. Moreover, even some bloggers are not aware of all the ways to profit from their site and they also don’t know how to sell advertising space. In this article, we have decided to correct this situation and tell you about 5 types of blog ads monetization. The article will be useful both for the current website with the most ads bloggers and for those who are just planning to become one.

Ready? Then we start getting acquainted with the online posting ads to make money.

How to make money posting ads online

Advertising blogs – this is perhaps the first thing that revolves in the head of a novice blogger when it comes to monetization. But the question arises: how realistic is making money from advertising? And what you need to do? Answering the first question, it can be said that it is quite possible to earn on advertising. To earn serious money on advertising, your site must generate a lot of traffic, and have a huge audience and high involvement. Do not expect to earn on advertising immediately after creating a blog (otherwise, anyone could do it). So is it worth advertising on the site? We think that this is the choice that you must make. But for the sake of completeness, we will summarize a little in the style of “for” and “against”.

Pros: Easy to install, generates passive income, does not require special skills and works with almost any audience.

Cons: Generates a small profit, requires a lot of traffic, affect the appearance of the site and often cannot be the main source of income.

When to use: your website receives a large amount of traffic, you have other sources of income, are at the stage of developing your product, or want to monetize an existing blog as soon as possible.

If you decide to advertise on your blog, the next step is to choose an advertising network. The leader in this industry is Google Adsense but you can choose any other.


Payment is charged for the number of impressions. For example, a user visiting an advertisement page counts as one impression. In this case, the visitor is not obliged to go to the advertiser’s site.

Pros: No action is required from users.

Cons: Payment under this scheme is small.

When to use: Good for large sites with little involvement. For example, news blogs.


Payment is made for each click made by the user. The cost per click depends on the niche: the higher the competition, the more money.

Pros: One of the most profitable types of advertising.

Cons: Advertisements must be relevant to your blog topic. Otherwise, you have to wait for clicks.

When to use: On blogs with a profitable and highly competitive topic.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is located in sidebars, header and on certain pages. It can work both on the PPM system and the PPC.

Pros: The main and profitable type of advertising.

Cons: Can greatly degrade the appearance of the site, depending on the advertising shown.

When to use: If you can sort the displayed ads.

RSS advertising

Posted in the RSS feed blog.

Pros: A great way to earn money on your RSS feed.

Cons: It may not be effective enough due to the fall in popularity of RSS feeds.

When to use: You have a large number of RSS subscribers.

Podcast ads

When running your own podcasts, you can include an advertisement in an audio recording, as they do on radio stations.

Pros: Excellent opportunity to earn money on your podcasts.

Cons: You must have a large and regular base of listeners for your podcasts.

When to use: the same occasion as said on a con.

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