Best Mobile Ad Formats and It’s Types

Use of programmatic platforms can provide you unparalleled benefits along with speed and accuracy. It serves mobile and in-app ads so effectively that the results will be off the charts. Using Programmatic platforms you can increase your engagement rate and click through rate for all types of ads including mobile native ads, different rewarded videos and new types of mobile advertisings.

It is proved that the mobile ads types are the best performers in every manner possible. Majority numbers of marketers prefer using mobile advertising to run their ad campaigns as compare to other types of campaigns because mobile ad format directly effects the engagement rate and the revenue that is generated through it and 9 out of 10 results showed that it increases the engagement rate along with the revenue.

Through the help of native advertising on mobiles giants brands gives million-dollar boosts to their incomes. In order to increase their CTRs they take help from rich media and rewarded ads. Everyone knows that mobile native ads easily go viral and they are highly shareable. There are different types of mobile ads you can choose from.

  • Mobile Game Ads
  • Inn-App Ads
  • Rewarded Videos Ads
  • Mobile Native Ads
  • Mobile Banner Ads
  • Playable Ads
  • Mobile Rich Media
  • Mobile Video Ads

Mobile Game Ads:

This is the type that extracts maximum and the best possible out of any in-app world. it provides highly interactive content which automatically increases the engagement rates and in overall result the user gets memorable user experience out of it. Its upto you to choose from either static or dynamic type of advertising along with some different types of videos like rewarded videos.  

Benefits you are going to get:

  1. Globally supported
  2. Cost Effective Strategy
  3. Highly Interactive  

Inn-App Ads:

Inn-App ads provide wide range of pros for example it can provides you fully dynamic and highly flexible user experience. It can interact with user through highly interactive animations and effects. You can choose from Mobile interstitial ads, native ads or from reward advertising in mobile In-App advertising.

Benefits you are going to get:

  1. Nearly zero distractions
  2. More interactive
  3. Fully controlled
  4. Better management

Rewarded Videos Ads:

Rewarded Ads provide users who are seeing the ad different rewards or incentives in the form of extra bonuses in video games, extra lives or may be different hints according to the game. It also gives power to user to either watch it for some time or they can skip it if they want.

Benefits you are going to get:

  1. High engagement rates
  2. More interactive
  3. High completion rates

Mobile Native Ads:

Mobile native ads are the collection of textual and videos ads that come in the form of editable content at any website. It does not appear as a tradition ad or direct advertising which results in higher level of loyalty from the user.

Benefits you are going to get:

    1. Cost effective
    2. Align and merged with the design
  • Very low intrusiveness

Mobile Banner Ads:

Mobile Banner ads are the static ads units that are displayed on the top or the bottom of the screen. They are of the size of standard banners. There are some cases in which they cover the whole screen of the mobile devices like in mobile in-app banner advertising.

Benefits you are going to get:

  1. Highly affordable
  2. Easy to launch
  3. Cost effective
  4. Globally supported

Playable Ads:

Playable advertising is highly interactive type of ads that are displayed on the mobile as a single ad unit. These types of advertisements usually last from 15 seconds to 1.5 minutes or maybe one minute it depends and they are very popular with mobile games and are used for promotions of it.

Benefits you are going to get:

  1. Highly interactive
  2. High conversions rate
  3. High engagement

Mobile Rich Media

Mobile Rich media Ads are displayed in the form of different banner ad format and it includes set of HTML, CSS, JS, and different image files. Using this type of ads you can advertise almost everything in a boldest way.

Benefits you are going to get:

  1. High engagement rate
  2. Highly interactive
  3. High conversions rates

Mobile Video Ads:

Mobile video ads can provide you high conversions rates. They usually appear in parts. Some will be played at the start some part will be in the middle of a video and rest is on the end of the video.

Benefits you are going to get:

  1. High engagement rates
  2. Highly interactive
  3. High conversions rates

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