CPC marketing

Major part of business success is in finding a source of target audience and get potential customers from it at lowers costs. Cost per click advertising model can assist in achieving this goal, it is relatively cheap and kills two birds with one stone: attract customers for favorable price.

How does CPC work?

In this form of advertising you pay only when your ad was clicked. It seems to be more profitable than paying for a thousand of impressions as in this case money are taken for the ad being published somewhere at the page, no one can guarantee your ad was really mentioned by a user. Publishers will win from CPM (cost per impressions) and not advertisers.

How CPC Strategy Works?

Cost Per Click – CPC

CPC is different as both parties are in pocket here. Happy advertisers pay when they get a visitor from a website with their ad, and publishers should think of their content to deliver as much “right” people as possible. We mean that it becomes publisher’s task to keep his content up-to-date and relevant to your offer and to put your ad on a good place on the page.

The strategy is really winning, but there is something you should know
Your rivals are on the watch. Accidents with click fraud will occur. Some webmasters or opponents can be having itchy fingers, and will click on your ads as many times as possible. Advertisers in this case spend money for nothing and halt their campaigns and leave market.

But it is not really a great problem nowadays, as technologies go further and a special software was designed to control the process of an ad campaign.

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