Difference Between AdTech and MarTech

Basically AdTech (Advertising Technology) is a small part of MarTech (Marketing Technology). For a better understanding you can draw it like AdTech is a small circle within a big circle of MarTech or should we say AdTech is a subset is a Subset of MarTech. Nowadays the line between AdTech and MarTech has gotten so narrowed that it seems these two concepts are merged together.

It’s quite a natural confusion about these tow concepts. The current advancements in the technologies have made it very challenging to differentiate between these two AdTech and MarTech concepts. We are taking these two as a one single entity that’s off course is not.

Why there is confusion in the first place?

Describing the difference between AdTech and MarTech on the very basic level is as same as telling the difference between marketing and advertising but it depends on some factors that makes it very difficult to do so. The connection of AdTech to MarTech is same as Advertising to Marketing and the common thing among them is the technology.

The basic difference between AdTech and Martech is the Audience they targets. Generally AdTech targets anonymous audience and MarTech targets known audience.

Primary Difference Between Adtech and Martech


  • The role of Advertising Technology is to make your products and services known to the market or introduce them to the market. It is the technique to spread the world about what you offer as a company.
  • Marketing Technology is a set of activities which includes planning, Product Pricing, distribution, customer support, community involvement, sales strategies, market research and community involvement to provide help to product for reaching the customers.


  • In AdTech 3rd party paid media is used as a channel for marketers to reach their audience.
  • In MarTech own media is used as a channel to reach the audience using personalization.

Customer Data:

  • Understanding of a certain user is based on the data you have on them. AdTech uses cookies merge with 3rd parties and behavioral data to create different campaigns.
  • MarTech use 1st parties collected information to segments different customers.


  • AdTech covers DSPs, DMP (Data Management Platforms), ad exchanges and ad networks and publishers uses them all to sell their digital space.
  • MarTech tackles all concepts of marketing including Creative, SEO, Customers Relationship Management Platforms and even it covers AdTech.

Digital Background:

  • Every person who is present online he/she must have footprints of them digitally so nowadays storing the behavioral activities in the database helps a lot however AdTech fails in this category and does not maintain any database of their previous customers.
  • MarTech helps marketers to create a detailed list of their customers and their previous purchases using different tools.


  • AdTech Only one-way communication is allow between advertisers and customers.
  • MarTech Two-way communication is allow between advertisers and customers.

Mode of Operations:

  • The Major players in the AdTech industries are agencies and other partners.
  • In MarTech companies usually works in a brand direct solution.


There is a dire need to provide a detailed and beneficial approach to digital approach. Synchronization between these two concepts leads to successful advertising and marketing. The process of integration of AdTech and MarATech is underway and the resulting tool as the result may be the best solution for each and every marketer, giving them the power to have the information about the customers and what they exactly wants.

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