How small agencies can attract big clients

There was a time when big enterprises used to work with giant agencies only. But lately, the trend has been changing. Currently, there are many great examples of small companies with less than 50 employees getting a great project and are partnering up with bigger organizations.

This trend is also predicted to continue in the future. This is a piece of huge news for all small agencies because they have more chances of getting more work and work with well-known names in the industry.

If you are one of those agencies which are looking forward to attracting bigger clients, here is the guideline to do that.

Master at something

bigger agencies have a lot of experience, they often lack the ability to conduct in-depth research for a particular product or industry. In today’s world, expertise has more value than being a know-it-all agency. So you need to figure out what your agency does the best and keep on doing it. For example, you can become a content marketing agency and help clients generate more valuable and creative content.

Believe in your agency

enterprises are looking for creative agencies that are able to think out of the box and solve their problems creatively. They are not looking for corporations with bureaucratic culture. Small agencies stand out of the crowd due to their abilities to introduce new perspectives, approaches, and procedures. Your agency might have these capabilities as well.

Don’t worry about small beginnings.

be afraid to pitch a small project. Do it and perform the project in the best possible way. This way you will be able to win more creds. Large organizations need agencies who are quick to respond to their needs and solve their problems. Bigger agencies cannot respond on time as quick as small agencies can so it works as their strength to get more projects.

Make sure you are geographically flexible.

you want to be known for your expertise, make sure you are geographically flexible. Geography should not limit your opportunities. A remote working relationship is a new trend that reduces the need for brands to be close to their respective agencies. All you need to have are good team project tools and your team will have no issues in collaborating with your clients, no matter where they are located.

Increase traffic

Agencies can improve their traffic by sharing and creating content on social media. You can also pay for ad campaigns on social media to build more brand awareness. It’s very easy to increase the traffic, you just need to know some techniques. Start with research. Decide who you want to serve i.e. your target market. Once you are done with that, decide how can you reach out to them in the best possible way.

Determine your marketing strategy

marketing approach depends upon the type of customers you are targeting. You can try one of these approaches

  1. Develop a good website
  2. Blogging
  3. Email marketing
  4. Flyers/ billboards
  5. Newspapers/ magazines

Benefit from word of mouth marketing

Satisfied customers can be a great way of sales generation for you if you know how to benefit from them. Give them discounts and more incentives every time they tell their friends or partners about your agency. Look for more unique ways to reward your most loyal customers. For example, you can host a customer appreciation event or simply give a shoutout on your social media page.

When you get a client, keep him

Donot forget the importance of maintaining your customer base. And it’s not a very difficult thing to do. More revenue can be generated by upselling an excited, satisfied customer. For which, you can follow these guidelines.

  1. Within a week of sale, contact your customer.
  2. Conduct an online survey related to your customer service asking how can your agency improve the service.
  3. Ask your clients to give a review about their experience working with you on sites like LinkedIn, Yelp, Google+ local, and not to forget, your own website.
  4. Send email newsletters monthly if not weekly.
  5. Greet them on special occasions like birthdays, holidays or any other festivals.
  6. Ask for their valuable feedback on Facebook and Twitter.

Focus on a certain audience

You can’t just sell your services to everyone. That’s an important lesson to keep in mind while deciding your target audience. What are you offering? Who will be most interested in your services? Which type of enterprises will partner up with you? You need to answer all these questions. As stated above, go through in-depth research and create a mental sketch of your ideal clients. You need you to figure out what would be their needs? What would be their problems? After that, you have to decide how you can be the best one to solve their problems and create the best solution to their needs?

visualization is very important in the planning stage because you fail to plan, which means your plan is to fail.

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