Influencer Marketing Tips

Promoting a brand is becoming challenging day by day. Consumers are now more familiar with promotional content and perhaps they try to avoid it. Therefore, using traditional marketing techniques might not be very effective. Considering this fact, innovation is the key to successful brand marketing.

By collaborating with social media influencers, you can gain significant public exposure. Influencer marketing has achieved tremendous popularity in the last few years. If you attempt to jump on this bandwagon, you definitely want to get ahead of your competitors. Below we have discussed the top 8 marketing tips to help you plan, execute and succeed with your upcoming campaigns.  

1. Highlight Your Goals 

Don’t get started with influencer marketing campaigns without predefined goals. You must have a comprehensive idea regarding your ultimate objectives for an effective campaign. Typically, you will have various goals such as outreach, generating profits or leads, etc. Primarily depending on your goals, you can devise a plan and metrics you will use to evaluate your performance.

Also, set target goals for every metric or KPI. Once done, you can evaluate the success of your campaigns against the KPIs. You may want to measure overall shares, impressions, and comments to have a better overview of engagement. For example, Chiara Ferragni promoted BMW resulting in millions of likes. 

2. Define Your Target Audience

It’s important to define your target audience and is certainly one of the most basic marketing tips. Depending on your target audience, you will have a clear idea regarding the strategy of your campaign.

Though you need to consider multiple factors when defining your target audience mainly including demographics, interests, age, geography, etc. That way, you can ensure that your campaign is reaching the right audience. Also, it will help you find the right influencer since you are aware of the target audience. 

3. Do Your Research on Analytics 

When you are looking forward to various influencers, you may ask them for a few screenshots of their analytics. In this way, you will have a precise idea about the engagement of the audience. You can also visit their profile and do a common evaluation i.e. followers vs. the engagement they receive on their social media posts. 

4. Engage in Social Media

An effective way of developing your relationships with influencers is social media. It’s an excellent way when finding influencers with whom you want to associate. Here are some influencer marketing tips on how to engage with them:

  • Share your influencer’s post
  • Comment frequently on their posts that you find interesting
  • Tag them in your content on social media
  • Appreciate them on the quality content that they share

For example, Jasper’s Market frequently share their influencer’s posts on social media.

5. Build Lasting Relationships

There are many influencers who lookup for a quick deal and do one-time promotion l for you. This may work for the short-term but in the long run, you need to build long-lasting relationships with your influencers. It can be very beneficial for your business since you can trust the quality and authenticity of the content.

It opens new avenues to boost your influencer marketing campaigns even more. The real power of influencer marketing tips lies in establishing a rapport with them. A key to building relationships is to respect the influencer’s time. You should familiarize them with your network and help them promote their brand to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

6. Develop Highly Targeted Campaigns

One effective marketing strategy is to do highly targeted campaigns. In this case, you should also look for a small audience segment in addition to associating with micro-influencers. These highly concentrated campaigns will help in achieving maximum brand exposure. Subsequently, you need to find influencers in smaller communities to get your highly targeted traffic. You may look for:

  • Websites that help you get traffic
  • Active users on social media
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn profiles related to your niche
  • Platforms such as Quora and Reddit where questions are requested about similar products

7. Find an Industry Expert Influencer

When you are looking forward to launching the influencer marketing campaign, you should perhaps consider the real area of expertise instead of social media pros. Experts may not have millions of followers, but they are more likely to promote innovative ideas.

Endorsement from these industry experts is more substantial in comparison to a YouTube celebrity who advertise just about everything. Target recognized professionals who bring credibility and creativity when seeking an influencer marketing association.

8. Do Comprehensive Research on Your Influencers

Influencer marketing fame has significantly increased the number of influencers. Consequently, many fake influencers have taken to social media in an attempt to trick brands for ineffective sponsored content. Fake influencers typically buy followers and some even have followers that are bots.

Affiliating with such followers can cause a major loss for your brand since there is no real engagement of the audience. When looking for followers, do thorough background research about their social media profile and evaluate the average engagements per post.

You can figure out the engagement rate by dividing the total number of engagements by the total followers and multiply by 100. An engagement rate of above 2.7% is considered good. This tip will surely help you save a hundred dollars’ bucks. 

Final Thoughts: 

We hope the above-mentioned influencer marketing tips can help you in planning and executing strategic influencer marketing campaigns. It’s crucial to choose the right influencers and establish a mutually beneficial partnership with them.

Moreover, you should provide them enough freedom to work on your content and follow an approach of building long-term associations with them. Lastly, evaluating and optimizing your campaign can assist you in achieving the most out of your campaigns. If you have any other influencer marketing tips other than the ones listed above, do write to us in the comment section below.

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