The key sense of such notion as “mobile advertising platform” is almost the same as an ad platform itself. They both serve to replace any third-party between an advertiser and publisher. It is a tool that simplifies websites monetization via target advertising channels designed for making money from the traffic. Main difference is that the former ones works to cover mobile advertisers’ needs.

Mobile ad serving platform can offer great variety of type of ads and payment schemes. The same as for desktop version, CPC, CPM, CPL or many other variants can be easily applied.

How to choose best mobile advertising platform for your project?

Mind your business. Your best friend may run an app for books reading, while you have a game app. So, both of you may have different roads. Some platforms can cover needs for game industry as well as apps of another type.

Popular solutions may not suit you. Well, Google and Facebook are likely to lose count of their followers, but they mostly work with big companies and if you are a freshman in mobile advertising, their price list may be too expensive for you.

Small platforms will do for small businesses. If you have just started selling knitted jackets in a small town, you are likely to be interested in options to cover closer regions or websites of similar topics, globe level should be considered a bit later.

Know the value of time. Some mobile ad platform can offer really tempting terms and conditions, but if they are too tough in making changes to your campaign, model of payment – is it really worth it? They waste your money while making you wait.

Feel the power of reports. This point comes out from previous one. In our rapidly changing world even a small detail may change the whole picture. The more detailed reports you get, the better. You can respond on changes immediately and in general track how successful your campaign is.

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