It was hardly possible to earn money from a website a decade or two ago. The recipe of success is simple: take a lot of patience, big amount of assiduity and a pinch of luck. Sometimes, the business becomes so engaging that easily turns from part-time activity into a full-time job.

The strategies we offer in the article are range from simple and passive to really time-consuming and requiring a lot of work to handle.

Let’s go!

Affiliate marketing

The scheme is simple: you have a blog and you can recommend a certain product or service to your followers. If your message awakes an echo in your people’s hearts, they will click the link and, probably, buy a product. А part of the price is your income, sometimes commission may reach up to 50%. Have you already started thinking on it?

Sell free space on your website

Economists tirelessly tell us that every single dollar should work on you, why not to use this approach and get money on advertising from unused space you have? There are several possible variants:
you may state a fix price for a place according to your own understanding or other factors;
you can earn for displays of the ads (usually cost-per-mile model is used) etc.

Note: the cases above are likely to be winning if you have a good traffic on your pages, and it is hardly worth making if you audience is too specific and small.

Ask for help ..and donations

It is ok to ask for help and probably some money to make your project better and cover basic expenses like hosting or domain. If your blog is really interesting and researches are relevant, bringing unexpected results with the topics up-to-date and burning, your followers will be happy to help you a bit.

Extra: One more way to make money from your pet project

You can simply ..sell it with all features and add-ons. Websites with high traffic will be in great demand at any time. It is the simplest way to make a fortune at once, however we are not optimistic about it as we do understand how important it may be for you, and long-terms projects are actually better than quick money.

What have you already tried from our list? Write us and share your ideas.

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