Monetize traffic

How we get money from our websites?

Webmasters see their aim to make profit from a website by monetizing the traffic. This process is in constant developing and growing, and becomes more and more complicated, highly specialized and tuned according to the demands of the audience involved.

There are 2 ways to monetize traffic:

  • direct;
  • indirect.

In the first case the traffic (visitors) should be turned into consumers (buyers of goods and services). Here various marketing tools to attract the audience are actively used, they can be affiliate programmes, bonuses and discounts – and other ways to make the visitors more loyal to the resource and increasing conversions.

While second one means visitors redirection to another website or resource. It can be described as affiliate marketing supposing posting of the ads on the website, subscriptions or links to other resources and receiving some fee for clicks and some actions.

To earn and not to lose – that’s the problem

Everything seems to be quite clear with direct monetizing, while an indirect one rises the problem of balance of posted ads and users’ stable interest to the website. Webmasters are often to resolve the problem by adding and implementing various goodies, but, luckily, there are a lot of ways to make your website to work on your bank account. Here only some of them:

Contextual Advertising (paid search)

People mostly are very negative about ads on the Internet. They get especially annoyed being distracted from main content. Here you can earn by posting a clickable block partially or fully corresponding to the theme of your website or an article at the page.

Keep in mind, your income depends on number of clicks and not on number of views.

Teaser advertisement

This type is more common on websites for women or offering entertainments. The ad contains an image or a photo with really selling text for the user not only see, but certainly click on it. A click here is cheaper than in contextual ads, but the requirement for unique users is also quite low – from fifty people per day. You will not get a fortune here – but the income will be stable.

Advice: to show the ad to bigger amount of people put it to a sidebar or a heading

Links selling

If we talk about selling links with auto placement, it can be said as the easiest way to earn money. After registration at a specific marketplace you get the code and choose where to insert it into your website. You receive money each time a user clicks the link – you don’t even need to bother yourself with withdrawal.

Traffic selling

The idea here is very simple: you sell your traffic to another website, it means the visitors will be redirected there. It is can be performed with the help of pop-up windows or using clickunder. In the latter case the user clicks at any place of your website and gets redirected to another place. An average sum of income is near 10$ per 1 000 clicks.

Note: this type of monetizing is rather aggressive and obtrusive, thus exodus will be felt very soon.

Final word

There are much more ways to get profit from your website, but we have listed the simplest even a first-timer could cope with. You can and, sometimes should, apply several techniques to get more from your business.

The only advice – before you start thinking about monetizing, make your website interesting and useful information to attract more people, i.e. invest something before preparing to reap a harvest.

Good luck!

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