Publisher Vs Advertiser

If you have made your 1st step into Affiliate Marketing Business then you should be very well familiar with the terms Advertisers & Publishers.

Being in this sea of Affiliate Business you should have been asked a lot of questions like “Are you an Advertiser? Or Are you a Publisher having a large number of traffic?

You have searched for the answers in the vastness of the internet but still got no answers or confused between them.

Don’t worry that’s why we are here. In this sea of affiliate business, we are your lifeguard.

Exploring the Sea

Just like the sea, this affiliate business has its own elements.

In this article, we will be focusing on major two of them. Advertisers and Publishers.

The simplest definition is:

  • Advertisers: The one who provides Ad (content). Just like Polus Media.
  • Publisher: the one who provide Traffic against that Ad.

They both are on the same side as the Ad has no value without the traffic who see it and traffic without any place for land in order to monetization.

Difference between Advertisers and Publishers?

  • Advertisers are the owners of the Ads and they are in search of the traffic who will view their precious content.
  • Publishers are the providers of that traffic where there will be potential users will be converted on the Ads.


Advertisers are the owner of the products and always in the search for someone to advertise them for them.

They are always in seek for users to acquire their products that’s why they heavily rely on the publishers to manage their ads for them and brought them quality traffic.


The publishers are the person who is in charge to connect the advertisers to the right people and promote them as they are the precious traffic.

They are the key responsible for the ad promotion and always in look for qualifying offers.

There will always different types of publishers available for you who will get you different types of traffic

so choose wisely!

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