The best Instagram video format you should use

First of all, Instagram as video advertising platform gives a greater response and reach. A year ago, Forrester company published data on which the number of reactions to Instagram video format posts already exceeded metrics on Facebook at 58%. Many brands had redistributed expenses from this social network in favor of advertising on Instagram stories because no one believes in Facebook’s high coverage.

Secondly, mobile traffic is cheaper for an advertiser. Spending two times lesser money, you attract three times more target customers. In this case, the popularity of mobile platforms is only increasing. In five years, the consumption of information on smartphones will reach a peak of 90%. The remaining 10% of users will use desktops to work and generate professional content.

Thirdly, it is possible to target advertising via Instagram thanks to Facebook algorithms. All info placements on Instagram are divided into posts and stories.

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Carousel from photos or videos

Attract more attention. Conversion depends on how successful the publication is. Use the right triggers and calls, otherwise, you risk getting a lot of unnecessary coverage and targeted actions. Make the first slide attract the attention of the person as much as possible, and the last one to stimulate to press a button.

To go to the site with the button

To increase conversion, do not forget to write a call-to-action in the picture and indicate with an arrow exactly where to click.


Short videos up to 1 minute go well if your goal is views. This format can be used to promote selling videos or music videos.


Their advantage is the maximum native content. This ensures good involvement, even if there are few subscribers in the account.

The main thing to remember is that the call to target action should be succinct. After all, the picture “keeps” on the screen for only a couple of seconds, and the video is automatically scrolled through after the playback starts. If you have more than 10,000 subscribers, you will be able to place the link in the advertisement and accompany it with “swipe” – the action you need to take to follow the link. Therefore, do not forget about the calls and the maximum concentration of the user’s attention on the site of the “swiping”. If you come up with a cool game of storyboard to increase the reach and increase engagement, they also should not forget to tell the subscribers what exact action you’re expecting from them at the end.

Technical requirements

What the advertising on Instagram should look like? The times when the posts on Instagram were only square and Stories only vertical, have passed. Now there are many variations. The width of the publication should not be less than 600 pixels and the maximum resolution – 1936 × 1936. Photo size should not exceed 30 MB, and Instagram video size – 4 GB. The ideal video length is up to 15 seconds. Suitable Instagram video requirements for the format – MOV and MP4, for photo – JPG and PNG. GIFs, by the way, can also be uploaded to Instagram. By the way, the description of a photo or video can hold up to 2,200 characters. However, it is better not to write more than 190 characters, because the text above that is minimized. And we need to briefly, capaciously, and unequivocally encourage the subscriber to make a targeted action.

Lifehacks on creating advertising in Instagram

  1. You can customize advertising through the Facebook account and your Instagram profile. In the first case, you can increase engagement, in the second – get more new subscribers.
  2. Facebook IQ research has shown that the appearance of a product in Stories increases the level of interest and confidence in it among active users on Instagram.
  3. Creating advertising in Stories, pay attention to the following factors: relevance to the audience, the length of the video sequence, a profitable demonstration of the product, and the optimization of the creative piece under the format of Stories.

And remember: users on Instagram don’t tolerate boredom. Entertain them constantly!

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