Top 10 low cost ways to advertise

1. Contextual advertising

As the name implies, this method of advertising platform promotion is tied to a specific context. At the moment, contextual start advertising is probably one of the most convenient and effective ways of smart advertise business plan, making it possible to get excellent results with a minimum budget.

2. Media (banner) advertising

Promotion of goods or services using banners is in many ways similar to traditional advertising business plan, when a colorful ad, large or small, is placed on the pages of newspapers or magazines. A banner is also a graphic image that is displayed on various sites. However, at the same time, banner advertising is distinguished by great possibilities in format, focus on results, as well as possible interactivity.

3. Teaser ads

This type of promotion originated from the word “tease”. A teaser is very similar to a banner – this is also a statistical or animated ad that is placed on sites. However, there is a significant difference. Teaser never says directly what it advertises. It only intrigues the user, interests them with the help of info bait, in order to take a certain action, as a rule, click on the teaser.

4. Targeted advertising in social networks: Facebook, Instagram

Allocate advertising companies in a separate group of a social media. A huge number of people prefer to spend a significant amount of time on sites like Facebook. At the same time, starting a page, most users provide very useful information about themselves, including gender, age, the geography of residence and their interests. This means that you do not advertise just to everyone but only amongst those users who are interesting to you based on their attachment criteria to your target audience.

5. Push notifications as a sales tool

This type of advertising has appeared relatively recently but is already actively used throughout the world. Push notifications are pop-up messages. Traditionally, such notifications inform the user about any changes or news on the mobile device or desktop computer. For example:

  • Installed antivirus periodically displays information about new computer protection tools
  • Programs used on the mobile device report the availability of updates
  • Social networking applications can inform the user that one of his or her friends has written a post or posted a photo.

6. Advertising in mobile applications for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android platforms

The development of mobile communications and technology has led to the fact that more and more Internet users use it from their smartphones or tablets. And practically on each of such devices, there are plenty of applications. It can be both social networks and various services of ordering and purchasing something.

7. YouTube Advertising in videos

A very popular resource is YouTube, where a large number of videos of users from all over the world are uploaded. Views of individual clips can go off-scale for millions! You can imagine how many potential clients can be attracted in this way! In a separate article, we also wrote about how much YouTube workers earn on advertising on the Internet and in what ways they achieve those high-earning results.

8. Popup windows

One of the most aggressive ways to promote any product is the pop-up window. Nevertheless, it continues even in 2019, despite users’ hatred to it. The principle of such advertising is as follows: the user enters the site, starts reading any information, and at some moment, a pop-up window shows itself. To close it and return to normal site viewing, you need to click on the cross in the corner of the pop-up window or to click on its body to view what it offers.

9. Advertising in e-mail newsletters

Most Internet users are owners of various electronic mailboxes through which they exchange work or personal information. And therefore, advertising with the help of mailing letters for its subscribers still enjoys a certain popularity.

10. Advertising on thematic and online sites (forums and blogs, bulletin boards, groups of social networks, major portals, etc.)

The last but not least way to conduct an advertising campaign on the Internet, which is discussed in this article, is to place ads on various thematic resources. There are a large number of pages where people with similar interests come together and they have the opportunity not only to read the information presented over there but also to write messages replying to this information. Since such resources are often communicated by people with a clearly defined circle of interests, the placement of advertising here will be as precise as possible.

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