Types of Advertising – Used By Marketer For Leads

What is advertising and It’s types?

Advertising is one of the most important form of communication and used purposefully by people. It contains a message that can be promoting, selling or even trying to sell a service or product for you. It is usually classified as the form of Marketing Communication. In today’s fast growing and developing world advertisement has expended and developed exponentially and one can easily find different forms and different effective methods of advertisements which are widely used by marketers around the world in order to promote or sell their product or service. Let’s discuss some of them one by one:

Online Advertising:

Online advertising also known as digital advertising is a form of advertising in which the promotion message is being conveyed via the bridge of internet. Since the last decade advertising has become very popular among marketers. It has seen that 60% of the revenue is created by ads for Google and Facebook as ads are the one of the major important source of revenue.

Online advertising has become so precise and effective that a particular ad can be specifically targeted to a particular person having specific characteristics such as age, location, time and interests. Advertising in term of pricing is very cheap if we compare it with all the other form of advertising.

One of the major drawback of online advertising is people usually do not click on the appeared ads so the message does not reach the entire targeted audience.

Television Ads:

If we go a little back in time let’s say not more than a decade ago television was one of the most popular form of advertising. Advertisers were attracted towards the major events like super bowl and Olympics to advertise about their products and services. It is still effective for some advertisers till date but with the upgrade of the system that made online streaming of television on mobiles so easy, marketers have moved from this television form to online as their preferred advertising medium.

Ads in Theaters:

The ads you see in the movie theaters while watching a film with your loved ones or maybe alone or before all the movies start are known as movie ads. These ads are one of the effective ad forms of advertising because people cannot skip it or turn the channel or just simply move away. Many companies have adopted these movie ads since it totally ensures that the full fledge message reaches to all the audience that are sitting in the hall and it does not allow audience to interfere in the ad like online advertising.


Radio advertisement is one of the types of advertisement in which the promotion messages are broadcast through Radio waves so that it can be heard on radio. Mostly people think that this is an ineffective form of the advertising but the truth is there are still some people who listen to the radio every morning. You can found the advertisement of almost every product on the radio.

Print Advertising:

Print advertising is slowly decreasing nowadays. It had the days of glory before the evolution of the television as one of the major source of the advertising and was considered as most effective media.

One of the biggest drawback of this type is its life is too short and because of the solid reach print advertising is one of the expensive advertising types. It can be in the form of brochures and magazines advertising.

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